Sunday, February 15, 2015

Google Play store images not loading


Having problem where your Google Play Store not loading images in you android phone?

Try this method. It's working for me on my Galaxy Note phone.

1. Turn on your WiFi.
2. Let it connect to your SSID or WiFi network. Long press over it.
3. You can find it in the WiFi settings.
4. Go to: modify network config.
5. Click on: show advanced options.

Scroll down n change IP settings field from DHCP to STATIC.
Scroll down n go to DNS 1 n DNS 2 fields only.

Change it.

6. Save
7. DONE!

Note: Do not change any other fields.

I hope it will fix your problem.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Android L on GT-N7000 Video

Enjoy the video. Galaxy Note GT-N7000 run Android Lollipop. Android 5.0.

All good and ready to play around. Not for normal user yet.

Issue list:

  • Image distortion when do screenshots and view recent apps list
  • Unable to run video on Facebook. Voice only
  • Video on YouTube app. Voice only. No Video

Mention in the OP. Not working:

  • sensors
  • gps
  • mobile data (but wifi is working)
  • hardware home button (but onscreen buttons are enabled and working)
  • No root

Thanks @bauner XDA developer. Continue reading here