Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Samsung KIES for windows

Download KIES 2.1.0 here...

Why should I have KIES??
  • Connect mobile without wires

    Connect a mobile to Kies via Wi-Fi and Sync content.
    Kies via Wi-Fi lets you enjoy Kies in a remarkably convenient way.
    * It is available for the supported models only, and some functions are limited while Wi-Fi connection.
  • Keep your mobile updated

    When connected, Kies automatically notifies you of new firmware version.
    Make your mobile improved with the latest firmware.
  • Sync contacts with Outlook or Google, Yahoo

    Add and edit contact of mobile on Kies conveniently. Also, sync contacts with those of Outlook, Google or Yahoo.
  • Enrich music life with mobile

    Make your own favorite music playlist and Sync with mobile. All the music want to listen to entertain you wherever you are.
  • Keep taken photos and videos from mobile to PC

    Safely store valuable photos, videos you’ve taken and feel your happy moments in Kies.
-To run ODIN and execute it successfully, you need to KILL all KIES process inside Task Manager.
KIES and ODIN cannot run at the same time.
-Latest firmware update base on region. Malaysia sometime a bit late in software update. Be patient.
-For technical guy you may continue update base on the leaked ROM.

Remember to restart after KIES installation. This to make sure all the drivers installed and configured properly.

 Running on Windows 7 64 bits

All ready... :) ...I'm using Hong Kong version ZSKK1 2.3.6

USB drivers connected ready for file transfer between PC and phone OR become a modem for Tethering.
KIES in task manager

Things you can copy from phone to PC or PC to phone.

Things you can back-up
You can Sync.... KIES improve much from previous version... more integrated with your PC... This is good for PC users.

 Connect KIES via WiFi

 Run KIES on your PC first.

Ready to Sync over the WiFi...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Galaxy Note E-Warranty

By now you should get your E-Warranty SMS already. I had mine as below..

RM0.00 Welcome to SAMSUNG E-Warranty.
Warranty for IMEI.3595480NNNNNN:

Need help, call SAMSUNG service consultants 1800-88-9999.

One year warranty only! for Celcom Prepaid customer purchase at Pavillion 11-11-2011...

Confirm by Samsung help desk and you need to keep the receipt as further proof of purchase.

My Galaxy Note holder

On my table with charger...
 On my table without charger...
In my car... place it near the car charger... put some paper as cushion...will find proper sponge later..and may be put some leather around it.... car holder project... DIY :)
Current cost RM5 only :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

N7000ZSKK1: Battery Percentage

Simple battery percentage cooked at UOT kitchen for ZSKK1.

To cook the notification bar on your own, you need three ZSKK1 files to be uploaded to UOT
  1. "framework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
  2. "twframework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
  3. "SystemUI.apk" in system/app/

Battery %|
If you like it, download this Kitchen 01 (Picture above using this!)

GPS|WiFi|3G|Battery %|Alarm

Kitchen 02


Kitchen 03 (Flash and see it your self...if you are curious to know... :)

Kitchen 04-battery percentage only!

Copy ZIP file into your internal SDCARD and flash it using CWM Recovery

Reboot recovery and select ZIP file to flash.... happy battery and status bar :)


I9000: Semaphore get updated again JVT 1.9.0

Semaphore JVT_1.9.0 (CF-Root + Voodoo Snd v10 + OC/UV + BLN)

JVT_1.9.0 (23/11/2011)
- cpu frequency transition latency 10000
- restore DVFS locks introduced on newmail's patch
- fixed clean busybox script
- minor updates to scripts

JVT_1.9.0beta (21/11/2011)
- Semaphore Script Manager updated to v0.62
- updated reworked scripts by HM.Carbide
- 341MB available RAM
- dropped CWM, Superuser applications (you have to manually delete them)
- ondemand patched with newmail's (thanks) deepsleep detection (also works with OC, latency 20000, thanks darckengel for extensively testing this)
- booloop detection (if phone reboots before 2 minutes of operation, init.d backed up and clear, thanks HM.Carbide for his idea)
- usb dock support (thanks xcaliburinhand)
- back to gzip initramfs compression (little bit faster boot)

Look here how to download and install it...
Continue reading here..


N7000: How to add CWM into ROOTED Galaxy Note

I had ROOTED my Galaxy Note ZSKK1 and I would like to add CWM into it. What should I do?

Ok. Now you are ready to add CWM. Follow steps here
For my case, I copied KK1 zImage file into "InitialCFRootFlasher\zImage" folder. Run "already-rooted.bat"

DONE. Success!!!!

Note: You have successfully ROOT KK1 + CWM with CF-Root kernel.

 CWM Installed

Successfully run it..............Now I can find good ODEX custom theme for my galaxy note....sure many people have cook it :)

I need battery % only..just like my SGS...

N7000: How to ROOT N7000ZSKK1

My current ROM state. N7000ZSKK1 (Hong Kong version 2.3.6).

and now it's rooted.
How do I ROOT it?
I'm using the same technique as before where I root my DXKK1. zergRUSH is the way to ROOT. Clean and safest way. You will taste ZSKK1 as it is with SU and Busybox ADDED. Now I can installed and run root required apps...

Continue rooting? click here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Samsung firmware version information

Before flashing you should know some basic version information of your current ROM and to which ROM you are going to. Is it new update or just moving from country to another country?

The easiest way to get your phone information.

Firmware version: *#1234#
S/W version: *#1111#
H/W version: *#2222#

Now that you have typed the firmware version code and that you are on the screen, you will get 3 different pieces of information. As an example, my phone shows (I had flash Hong Kong version):


Build Info: Thu Nov 3 16:31:33 KST 2011

PDA is the operating system with its programs and settings included.
PHONE is the modem firmware file, parts of which are required to access the hardware.
CSC (for consumer software customisation) are the regional settings applied which may install additional programs as well as provider-specific settings (APN).

What does N7000XXKK1 means?
N7000(=model) XX(=Region) K(=Year) K(=Month) A(=Revision)
N7000= Galaxy Note

BD Cyprus, Greece
CP Finland
DC Thailand
DD India
DT Australia
DX Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
DZ Malaysia, Singapore
JA South Africa
JC Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia
JP Arabic
JR Arabic
JV Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
MT Switzerland
XA Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom
XB Denmark, Norway, Sweden
XC Portugal, Spain
XD Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia
XE Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
XF Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania
XW France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom
XX Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
ZC China, Hong Kong
ZH Hong Kong
ZT Taiwan

A 2001
B 2002
C 2003
D 2004
E 2005
F 2006
G 2007
H 2008
I 2009
J 2010
K 2011
L 2012

A January
B February
C March
D April
E May
F June
G July
H August
I September
J October
K November
L December

1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
A = 10
B = 11
C = 12

That not difficult to understand your phone version. The code quite simple but flashing between region quite confusing. My advice is just look at the Android version.. like moving from Android 2.3.5 to Android 2.3.6. There should be enhancement or bug fixes in the new Android version.

Monday, November 21, 2011

N7000: How to flash N7000ZSKK1 (2.3.6)

I would like to flash my Galaxy Note to Hong Kong version 2.3.6. It's reported have better battery performance and S-Pen alignment. What should I do?

Download these files:
  1. Download N7000ZSKK1 (password: samfirmware.com)
  2. Download ODIN
Now you are ready to flash.

1. Run ODIN on your PC

Note: Make sure your phone is 100% for better battery calibration

2. Odin Configuration (See image above for files setup)
- Check Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, and F. Reset Time options.

- Check and select .pit file
- Check and select PDA file
- Check and select PHONE file
- Check and select CSC file

Note: Bootloader. Leave it BLANK

3. Ready your phone in Download Mode by pressing  
Volume down + Home + Power on Button, then press Volume Up to continue.

4. Connect your PC and Phone via USB cable provided until COM port connected.
5. Once ready, click Start button

6. Sit back and relax and let's it finished. Green and PASS
7. Disconnect phone. DONE

Do the reset by pressing *2767*3855# from dial pad. Extremely dangerous. It will WIPE your phone after pressing #. Do BACK-UP!

You should have this at the end of flashing...

Important: After reboot remember to Change Language to English on the first screen. By default it's Chinese.

For your knowledge:
  • PDA is the operating system with its programs and settings included.
  • PHONE is the modem firmware file, parts of which are required to access the hardware.
  • CSC (for consumer software customisation) are the regional settings applied which may install additional programs as well as provider-specific settings (APN).
-Moving from one region to another region ROM required ODIN in order to have proper or clean firmware installed. Patching technique sometime might introduce unexpected problem.
 -Rooting using zergRUSH is the cleanest way to inject SU and Busybox.

How to ROOT it, click here OR using the safest way zergRUSH

Continue reading here

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My PC configuration

In case you are wondering I'm using what to flash all the kernels. I'm running on Windows 7 64 bits.

  • I don't have KIES installed. Uninstall it after Sammobile provid stock ROM. ODIN and KIES cannot run at the same time.
  • I have Andorid Software Development Kit installed (ADB Driver)
  • I have ODIN to flash stock or custom ROM

Quick Tips. Bootloop

Bootloop can easily be fixed by reboot in recovery and clear user data and reboot.

Just make sure to backup your stuff first before flashing. Use cloud if possible.

Cloud services such as Google for contact, email, Picasaweb, Google+ and calendar. Dropbox and Evernote for document.

Galaxy Note: How to make screen capture?

Have you seen the advertisement that galaxy mode can easily make a screen capture, edit it and share?

This is how to do it.

You should have the S-Pen located inside your phone. Look at beside micro USB port.

Click on the S-Pen button and press the S-Pen tip on your GNote screen and hold until screen capture message displayed.

You will be bring to image/photo edit mode. Edit it and save or share directly.

Last screen captured using Home+Power Button. Another trick to make screen capture....smile...

Take a break and Happy drawing :)

If you can't do it. Test your S-Pen on your friends Galaxy Note screen... maybe your S-Pen faulty..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Galaxy Note Battery

Normal usage. Phone call, Dolphin Browser, YouTube, Twitter (Tweetdeck) and Facebook

 Manage to get 15hours. Not bad!

Battery remaining 12%....Now I'm charging it... :)
I'm using Power Saving Mode.

Android Battery guide

Friday, November 18, 2011

I9000 running ICS

Going to try this... I will update my SGS to this ROM once the battery test done :)

I9000 running ICS? Anyone?

JVU battery test almost done and believe it or not, it's been more than 7 days. SGS rock!

iPhone 4s, Galaxy Note, Nokia N9 & Sony Experia Battery

Seems like Galaxy Note big screen eating most of the battery..

Picture speaks...check out below.

Screen OFF while talking. Galaxy Note BIG battery will sure win..

iOS effective in web browsing...say NO to FLASH!

Not far behind iPhone 4s
iPhone. Browser and Video King
Galaxy Note. Talking King....


What do you like? It's your choice...

Source: GSMArena