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Masjid Info 2018

Masjid Info 2018

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How to update Powermap for Nissan X-Trail. Model QZ-D8110NT

Do you have Nissan X-Trail with Powermap installed? Need to update the map?

1. Check out Model Info: QZ-D8110NT

2. Make sure you car system have Powermap Galactio Soffware V8.28

Download Latest MAP
Get new MAP update from Galactio FORUM or direct download via link below.

MFM MAL_20181128

MFM MAL_20180817

MFM MAL 20180630

MFM MAL_20180321

How to update?
- Extract the ZIP file and look for "Galactio_Updater.exe" and run it.
- Slot in Navi SD Card into your computer first. It's auto detect

If you have not update your Powermap Galactio Soffware to V8.28.

Make sure update it first. Download it from AAPICO or my Google Drive

Slot in your SD Card into your computer and run the downloaded EXE file. SD Card software will be updated.

Put back your SD Card into car Navigation System. Done!

*Note: Make sure backup SD Card before software update

My Nissan X-Trail software updated to V8.28 and Map to 20180321 version.

How to Check MAP Version?
 Click Settings
 Click Maps
MAP version. MFM v20180321

MFM v20180630