Friday, January 06, 2012

How to calibrate Galaxy note S Pen

Do you have problem with your Galaxy Note S-Pen? The point and the line draw too far may try this auto works for me on N7000XXKL8. It should work for you as well...

The idea is, to touch all edges of the screen. You may move you pen on the screen side from one end to another or just by clicking on every edges. The S Pen need to detect the maximum for up or down and left or right movement before it can actually calibrate itself.

Press your S Pen near the edges more often and calibration adjusts accordingly.

What I did is, I execute Phone and Application using S Pen :)

Continue testing here
Dial *#0*# using phone dialer.
Latest testing 7 Jan 2012. I can't really draw until the end of the bottom edges either LEFT or RIGHT.
I have no problem to draw on the TOP part.

Photoeditor. Able to draw all the edges, but there are a few millimeter blind area at the bottom. Outside of the image.
S Memo do have blind area at the bottom. We can't stretch the image to 100% full screen.

Other Tips
1. Upgrade to latest ROM.
2. Just Disable Auto Rotation. S Pen good for Portrait.
3. Some experience by disable and enable auto rotation, S Pen fix.
4. Try select Setting > Pen Settings > Dominant hand > Right handed/Left Handed. Reported that S Pen will re-calibrate again.

5. Calibrate Horizontal and Gyroscope. Check out Setting > Display

How about you?

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  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    open a S-memo, choose the eraser option.
    while holding the pen on the screen change
    the angle of the pen. You will see the tip
    'move' inside the eraser circle. now get used
    to the angle in which the tip is in the center
    and your drawing will be dead on, and you will
    be able to even draw in those 'seemingly dead'
    corners aswell....

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Anonymous open the photo editor pick a bright color picture hold the phone on portrait mode choose on photo EDITOR the pen option now try to draw with a small tip for the pen not a huge brush hold it as you want YOU WILL NEVER GET TO DRAW THE EDGE WHICH HAS BIN THE SPEN CALIBRATED. Meaning right hand is picked as dominated then you can't draw on right side same goes for left handedand left side.

    Don't post me a smemo draw i said PHOTO EDITOR :P

    1. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Perhaps with a Fourth Grader's level of education on punctuation and sentence structure, this could even be understood! Imagine.. people who can use a computer, but who can't even write a simple paragraph. What a sad reflection on how the education system is letting us all down.

    2. Anonymous3:37 AM

      You assume English is his native language, correct?

  3. hey man that really helped. i changed the Pen Settings from left to right and right again and the pen is calibrated super. i thought phone was broken cause i put the phone in jeans pocket and its very tight.anwway thanks for ur help

  4. Anonymous8:48 PM

    my pen was out of calibration too and what i just did was, i went to menu > settings > display and made a horizontal and gyroscope calibration and that worked just awesome for me.. its perfect now.

  5. Felix9:55 AM

    Thank you @ AnonymousJan 25, 2012 04:48 AM,
    seems to help.

  6. I found the solution to the problem. What you need to do is scribble on the screen while holding the pen at all different angles, top down, bottom up, use it at all extreme angles. Then, once you're done, the place you're drawing will line up exactly under the pen.

  7. i tried restarting my note and it helped perfectly. best of all

  8. tips above is to avoid restart.

  9. Put autorotate on!
    It fixed the problem I had!

    1. Anonymous12:05 AM

      It's working..

  10. Anonymous2:31 PM



  11. You guys are missing something...

    The pen has to be 'perpendicular' to the screen during that calibration for accurate results !

    That means: First keep your Note somewhere horizontal (on the ground), Do the Horizontal and Gyro calibration (from Display settings), then goto Homescreen and scribble around the four corners while holding the S-PEN 'vertically' - Now check the result in S-Memo or any drawing app :)

    Hope this helps !

  12. Anonymous2:59 AM

    This post helped a lot..

  13. Anonymous7:38 PM

    the best solution was to turn on the auto rotation.. scribble anything, then disable it... works like a chaaaaaaarm!!

  14. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm right handed but set "pen settings" for a lefty.

  15. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Thanks, It helped.

  16. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Matt's suggestion fixed it!
    Many thanks.

  17. Anonymous2:15 PM

    mine still dun work... it abit to the left... i dunno y but i've tried all the ways u guys recommend but still it does not work...

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      same here. does not work at all :(

  18. The S Pan is crap, I'm on my 5th Note and they all lose calibration. Total carbage so, I'm getting an S3 next week. How can Samsung ship out this rubish?

    1. S3 you have to buy the PEN separately :)

  19. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Man ur stupid for saying u hate the note.this phone is the shit.i had the skyrocket s2 and it wasnt all that.

  20. Restarting the Note helped for me!

  21. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Happened to me with auto rotate disabled.

    I enabled it, rotated the screen a few times. Disabled it, and then re-enabled it and now everything is lined up again

    1. Anonymous5:52 AM

      +1 only solution offered here that has worked.

  22. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Btw. i try everthing .. the only thing that helped me was drawing extreme angles and switching lefty to righty 2 times tnx for help :)

  23. Anonymous11:00 PM

    You can try TouchScreen Tune:

    Besides substantial drag (the input point following behind the stylus), I've been very happy with the accuracy of stylus input after using this app.

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  25. I want to thanks for your information, you dig me out of the frustration, recalibration of horizontal and gyro let me able touch to the edge. Horray!

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  27. selecting Setting > Pen Settings > Dominant hand > Right handed/Left Handed and restarting my phone after that fixed it :) thank you

  28. simpal way to calibrat is .

    evry thing will clibrat in thi menu

  29. Anonymous7:20 PM

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  30. s pen note 3 I could not fit in with my notes after my 3 LCD replace her. that's how my pen can be used again thank you

  31. I want to ask my phone is samsung galaxy note white color 3, the LCD broke and changed new lcd black color is good. The problem s that his pen can not used anymore how to reset the pen's let her be in use thanks

  32. Press your S Pen near the edges more often and calibration adjusts accordingly. What I did is, ...

  33. The S Pen need to detect the maximum for up or down and left or right movement before it Notetaker


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