Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Download Adobe Adobe Flash Player version 11.1 APK

Are you looking for Adobe Adobe Flash Player version APK? It's been removed from Google Play.

You may download the link below and install it on your device.

1. Android 4.x
2. Android 2.x and 3.x

 No problem opening this adobe setting page on my Jelly Bean 4.1.2....this page required flash.

You should have this after the installation process completed.

Complete Adobe Flash Player Archived. Click here

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Are you looking for FREE Photo Editor?

There are a few FREE photo editor available for Android. You might try a few below. Reads the apps description on Google Play.

These are apps that I like and it's FREE..

  1. Photowonder 
  2. Snapseed
  3. Camera MX
  4. Instagram
  5. PicsArt
  6. Adobe Photoshop Express

These apps good enough for me and might be good for you :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Are you looking for Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXLSA Moded?

Here is the compilation of it. Try download ZIP file below and flash via recovery.

1. 4-way reboot menu. Download here

2. Lock screen shortcuts, smart rotation, and information display. Download here 

3. Button to record phone calls. Download here

4. GNote2 ring tones. Download here

5. GNote2 Water Ripple. Gnote1 live wallpaper works fine. Download here 

6. Circle Green Battery + Transparent Notification Area (For Deodex XXLSA and XXLSC ROMs). Download here

7. Adjustable pop-up browser. Backup original file inside "system/app" before replace and set it permission. Then Restart. Download here

Others. XXLSA Bug Fix
1. Having problem with S-Pen screen capture? FC? Download this fix

2. XXLSA good RAM and Smooth. Download this

Eybee XXLSA continue reading here. Moded reading here

New Google Play released version 3.10.10

New Google Play released... version 3.10.10

If you are type of person who like everything up-to-date, download it here and install it as normal APK.

Facebook 2.0 go native on Android

Facebook go native with Android. The new app will offer you “improved speed and performance,” “faster loading, new user interfaces and disk cache.

Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.
• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps

Download it from Google Play.

Pop-up to comment

Pull down to refresh...

Now facebook for Android at par with facebook for IOS.

Download Facebook here.

Galaxy Note Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 N7000BLS4TCE

This is for N7000B, but so far have not reported any incompatible with N7000.

Edited: You might have NETWORK problem

What's inside N7000BLS4TCE ?

- Android 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability
- Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
- Multi-View can also be disabled
- Ripple Effect on Lock Screen
- Page Buddy
- Notification Panel can now be customized
- New Additions in Notification Panel
- Smart Rotation
- Samsung’s Cloud services
- Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
- New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now

- Android 4.2 Keyboard
- Spiderman HD is Pre-Loaded
- Different icons and widgets which are from the provider( alot of Bloatware)

I'm downloading it here.

So far Stock deodexed and rooted XXLSA by eybee have all the above features, performance and stability. I have been using it since 1st day release by eybee in XDA. I'm still waiting for Europe leak version.

Continue reading here

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

XXLSA Battery

XXLSA battery life.... If you keep wondering whether XXLSA is good or bad.

No FC except Google+ Instant Upload setting.

Most of the apps removed. I'm not using it.

 Minimized you running apps

Removed system apps...sometime called Samsung BLOATWARE....

If you are worried that you might need it later. You may disable it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

http://androidxilla.blogspot.com plagiarizes auto feed

I had find out that this blog http://androidxilla.blogspot.com/  is an exact copy of my blog http://jjpda.blogspot.com/ and it's seems auto update to his blog.

How he's doing this? Can we STOP this auto feed without our permission from the other blog? I don't mind if he's referring back to my blog or re-write it on his own way.

Check out the HEADER....

:: Android Fever ::   >  ::Android Xilla::


GMail 4.2.1 available on Google Play

Do you know that GMail 4.2.1 available for download in Google Play. You don't have to install the MODed from XDA to get this.

Provided you are on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and above

What you will get on this new version?

New Settings...
 Swipe to DELETE/ARCHIVES options

Image view directly on page. Able to Zoom In and Out

Swipe to DELETE.

Go ahead and look into your Google Play...

Nexus 4.2 Launcher on XXLSA

I'm on holiday mood. Changing my Launcher and Wallpaper. Nexus 4 launcher. Tried on my JB 4.1.2 XXLSA.

Download Launcher 4.2 APK here. Nothing special but it loads widget faster than TWlauncher.

Bonus. Download Nexus 4 wallpaper here

Continue reading here. It might works on others JB, but please make sure backup your current launcher.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Galaxy Note JB 4.1.2 XXLSC or XXLSD

While we are waiting for XXLSC DEODEX+ROOTED there is XXLSD coming for system dumb and next would be DEODEX version and flashable via CWM.

Seems like Samsung actively fixing Galaxy Note N7000 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware for us.

Bugs still in XXLSC....hope will be fix in XXLSD
  • Popup keyboard still has errors with z/y
  • Videos in Full HD

We do not have change log for the leaked version. You have to install and see by yourself. Is it better or worse... some guy after flashing report BAD and some guys report GOOD. It's the way you flash... CLEAN or over the TOP or TITANIUM BACKUP.. If you flash CLEAN you will get almost what's Samsung guys have at their LAB :)

My advice, let's wait for XXLSD since the OTA of XXLSD already on the hand of XDA members. Provided you have a stable JB on your current GNote.

I'm still on eybee STOCK+DEODEX+ROOTED XXLSA stable version. If you are still on ICS, you might want to try XXLSC STOCK ODEX or XXLSC STOCK DEODEX

ODEX: original stock
DEODEX: recompiled version. More MODed available.

Continue reading here