Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AOSP Lockscreen with Xposed Framework

Would like to have AOSP lock screen on your phone? It's working fine and stable on Sweet ROM. It should work fine for 4.1.2 ROM.

 It's something like this before you press to unlock.

Press it. You have the options to:
1. Unlock
2. Camera
3. Google Search

Tested all working good.

Would like to have it? Download AOSP Lockscreen here.

1. Xposed Framework

Install the AOSPLockscreen_1.1.apk and you will see it in the Xposed Installer. Check It to activate and Reboot. DONE!

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How to Install and Configure Xposed Framework?

Seems like there are many questions about how to use Xposed Framework.

Common Question:
1. I had installed Xposed Framework but nothing happen.
2. I have set the configuration but still nothing happen.

How to do it?
1. You need Xposed Framework Installed. You can download the Xposed Installer from http://dl.xposed.info/latest.apk

Xposed Framework:
1. Download Xposed Installer and install it
2. Launch the Xposed Installer, go to the "Framework" section and click on "Install/Update"
3. Reboot. Don't forget this and ask me why it's not working :)
4. Done!

You should have this on your phone drawer. Sweet ROM V11 pre-installed.

Activate Xposed. Reboot!
 How to activate modules? Check it
Select module to configure it. For example you would like to have Advanced Power-Off menu. Check it. Reboot!

Tadaa.... You will have it something like this.

You may download modules provided in the Xposed Installer list. Check it to activate and Reboot!

-Reported, there are some features that might not work with TW based framework.
-Unchecked in module installed before uninstall Xposed Framework. Else the effect will remain. You need to reinstall ROM to get back to original setting (the best make a last known good backup in CWM!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Super Saiya your android phone

Super Saiya your android phone.

You may try any of these:
  1. CrossBreeder
  2. PurePerformances™X
  3. Seeder


VengeanceNote TW 3.1 - MIUI 3.10.19

Are you looking for MIUI complete theming for TW firmware. This is base on  XLT6 4.1.2
Successfully install custom MIUI like firmware... MIUI with full S-Pen features :)

Graphically very nice.

 Cool icons and animation...
 Group icons.
 File explorer.
 Multiple selections of home screen ..
 Power menu...
 S-Pen setting. Multi-window available.
You could configure the launcher.
MIUI setting.
 Camera....it's original Samsung camera app
 MIUI email app. Add GMail account into it.
 Browser. Look different
 Compass....very nice
 Contacts redefine.
 Phone simplified.

 General settings
 Default screen after installation. Screen 1.
 Screen 2.
Screen 3.

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