Monday, May 26, 2014

S5 Theme for Galaxy Note GT-N7000. Updated!

S5 Theme for Galaxy Note GT-N7000. Updated! Check out the Notification Panel and Quick Settings

Quick Setting. Full Green.
I'm using mario44 SystemUI.apk. Click here for detail

 Notification Panel
  Notification Panel with items
 Application Drawer
 Home screen with Center Clock and Circle Battery Percentage
 Another Home Screen
Lock Screen with Camera, Google and Un-Lock option
 Power Menu
Restart Menu
Xposed Framework modules installed
About Me.

These setup come from kmokhtar AryaMod v7. Fast and Stable!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whatsapp Stuck on Initializing

Do you have problems with WhatsApp stuck on Initializing?

 Seems like it's forever.......................................

It''s due to your contacts. You might have a lots of contacts. Disable contacts first.

Advisable please backup your contact in the GMail Contacts via PC Web Browser

Delete ALL your contacts.

Install and configure WhatsApps again. All should be good and FAST!

How to Install AryaMod v7 ROM?

How to Install AryaMod ROM:
  1. Verify MD5 checksum of the rom zip, if you don't know how to calculate it see here
  2. Download and flash safe kernel, I prefer latest PhilZ N7000 TW kernel
  3. Reboot to recovery again
  4. Go to "Backup and Restore>Misc Nandroid Settings>Preload Partition" and set it to Include
  5. Backup your current Rom
  6. Go to "Wipe Data>Factory and Reset> hit Wipe Data-Cache-System-Preload"
  7. Choose - Yes, I will install a new ROM!
  8. Return to main page> Advance option and wipe davlik
  9. Return to main page> Mount and storage, format system, format data, format preload 
  10. Flash ROM zip
  11. Reboot and enjoy.
  12. After boot up go to Developer options and change animation window, transition and animator duration scales to 0.5x
  1. If you have slow network connection, backup all your APK before flashing
  2. DO NOT Wipe AFTER Flash ROM!
  4. Let's your installed ROM cool down after flash. It's need to sync to Google services such as contacts, calendar and many others at the background
  5. You might need to restart after a few hours or you did not see any account sync happening at the background
  6. You may use Google auto restore services to ease your reinstall process
  7. DO NOT use Titanium to restore if you did not know what are you doing
  8. Backup your stuff into the CLOUD using tools such as Google contacts, calendar, Evernote, DropBox, Google Drive, SMS Backup+, etc...
  9. Usually I will skip Google Account login. This to allow ROM to clear it's own installation process. Once clear, click on Google Play. Google will ask you to login and let's it restore all your previous installed apps (make sure you have a clean installed apps list). This is how I reduce my installation process.
  10. Use Nova Launcher to restore back your home screen! (Remember to backup your Nova home screens)
This is how I do it and it's works for me. Fast and Stable. You might have better way or suitable process for you. It'a all depend on what type of applications you are using.

 Make sure you have a clean Apps List

 New GUI :)

 Pre-Installed AdAway. This is to block advertisement

 Updated Xposed Installer

 DO NOT Sync Picasa Web Albums. If you have problem with slow Gallery loading.

 Install Photo Editor to enable photo edit via Gallery. Get the APK. You don't have to login to Samsung Acct.

Clear Gallery data for faster loading if you have sync Picasaweb previously.

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Aryamod V7 download page here. Thanks @kmokhtar for his hardwork.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Galaxy S5 Theme for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Would like to S5ing your Galaxy Note GT-N7000? Look at the image below before you decide.

 Quick Settings
Notification Bar
 Home Screen #1
 Home Screen #2
 Drawer Screen #1
 Drawer Screen #2
 Setting Screen #1
  Setting Screen #2
 My Files
This is the Custom ROM that I used. AryaMod V6.

What you should have to get a Galaxy Note with S5 theme.
I'm using NOVA Launcher with S5 Theme.

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I'm from SlimKat...