Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to root XXKL7

If you had Rooted + CWM your current ROM. Do NOT flash XXKL7 via normal recovery (Volume UP+Home+Power button). It will remove your Root and CWM. Use Mobile Odin to flash the TAR file.

1. Run Mobile ODIN v1.0

2. Press "Open file" Choose "CF-Root-SGN_XX_DBT_KL7-v5.0-CWM5.tar"

3. Press "Flash firmware". SKIP md5 verification if pop-up!
4. Sit back and relax.

Kernel upgrade to KL7.
Superuser + CMW maintain. ROOTED!

Your kernel will be upgraded to KL7 but you do not have all the features.

If your phone not rooted yet, then you have to downgrade to XXKL3and ROOT+CWM it first.

In my case.I'm using XXKL3
  • Copy zImage of KL3 into zImage folder.
  • Run not-rooted-yet.bat

  • Superuser Installed
  • CWM Installed stats

If you wonder what's this blog stats is..see image below...taken from Blogger Stats

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Thank you for your support and keep coming to my blog...

See you next year :)

Rocket ROM v12 XXKL7 Android 2.3.6

Successfully flash Rocket ROM v12.

  • Bootloop! Don't panic. Power off you phone and enter recovery mode.
  • Factory Reset! Too bad. I'm one of the guy who need to factory reset. I'm coming from KL3+CF-Root+CWM
  • Reboot your phone again.
  • If bootloop again. Just clean cache, dalvik and factory reset again
  • Reboot your phone again
  • Should be able to boot normally. Please wait and be patience :)
This is what you will get.

Four thousand plus quadrant....
 Rocket v12 with FM 1.5
This is system info inside quadrant

Load abyssnote after problem in FM 1.5.
  • Battery not charging when deep sleep. 
  • Battery getting hot after using camera and taking video frequenty
  • Camera freeze when using it too frequently
  • Maps application missing.Can't event see it inside the Old Market.

Abyss system info in quadrant. Look at the OS version. It's different.

Take a break....Happy New Year! Photo taken @Avilion Cove, Port Dickson Malaysia using Galaxy Note :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to install Rocket ROM v12 XXKL7

Finally we have a stable and fast custom ROM

Download Rocket ROM v12 here

Changelog ROCKET ROM-V12-KL7

  • Based on official XXKL7 Firmware + Modem KL7
  • DEODEX, zipaligned and rooted
  • Added Multi-CSC
  • Android Version 2.3.6
  • FM-Kernel 1.5
  • Market fixed (purchasing apps / local apps showing up!)
  • Themed as usual with minor modifications
  • Added 1% battery steps
  • Added CRT-OFF
  • Added Extended Powermenu (3 more options: Reboot, Recovery, Download)
  • Added '14 Toggle Status Bar' (individual modifications can be made in App 'Quickpanelsettings' )
  • Some tweaks from pikachu01 (libs + bins from Android 4.0 and some others)
  • Lots of other tweaks + scripts for faster performance, smoother scrolling, better RAM handling
  • Transparent Sammy Weather Widget
  • Automatic zipalign of all system apps on every reboot
  • SIP VoIP Support for Wifi + Data
  • Sony Bravia Mod for better graphic quality (might be nonsense but doesn't harm anything )
  • Build in transition animations in framework
  • Reboot your device twice after flashing ROM!!! (If you are facing bootloop. Just press power button and OFF it)
  • Still bootloop. Clear cache/dalvik and reset factory
  • If you face issue with Gmail not updating in market, delete gmail.apk in /system/app, reboot and then download new gmail from market
1. Downgrade to previous version. N7000XXKL3
3. Flash Rocket v12 from recovery. Wipe cache/dalvik

In progress of downgrading, root+cwm :) DONE

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to install N7000XXKL7

N7000XXKL7_N7000OXAKL7_DBT (German)

Phone: N7000XXKL7
Build INFO: MON DEC 19 23:26:57 KST 2011

Download N7000XXKL7 here

Install Stock N7000XXKL7
  1. Download ODIN to your PC. 
  2. Extract tar file from the ROM. "N7000XXKL7_N7000OXAKL7_N7000XXKL7_HOME.tar.md5"
  3. Put the phone into download mode (vol. down+home+power buttons)
  4. Start ODIN, connect the phone via USB. Choose continue on the phone
  5. Make sure to check in ODIN- Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time. DO NOT checked Re-Partition
  6. Click PDA button in ODIN and select tar file you extracted before.
  7. Click START button.
  8. DONE. Sit back and relax.

  • Your Root, busybox and CWM will be removed!
  • Your apps and data maintain
  • Kernel upgraded
  • Battery % removed. Need to cook again :)

Whats New
  • Wake up significant faster than previous firmware

One hand operation option under keyboard
The word "Swipe screen to unlock" appear on lock screen

New Phone Icon

Torch widget

Levels of brightness control for browser

Samsung keyboard has over qwerty the numeric 1-0

Photo editor now has the last 4 pots taken captured as preview to pick like a clipboard when you launch it
Music Hub installed.
S Memo export to PDF
Video. Self Recording.

Currently CF-Root ZIP file provided provided here fail to ROOT+CWM XXKL7

If you deeply need ROOT+CWM. You should wait.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to install and Root I9000XWJW1

This firmware is for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 only (International version)!
Details of the XWJW1 ROM

    Build: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
    Build Date: Tue Dec 13 13:03:26 KST 2011
    Product Model: GT-I9000
    Build PDA: I9000XWJW1

Interested to upgrade again? It's really fast.

1. Download Android 2.3.6 XWJW1 (Password:

You should have these:
  • APBOOT_I9000XWJW1_CL788890_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  • CODE_I9000XWJW1_CL788890_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  • KERNEL_I9000XWJW1_CL788890_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5

2. Download ODIN flashing tool
3. Set phone to Download mode... (you should be expert by now :)
Volume Down, Home, and Power button simultaneously. 
4. Just flash it like before...
Phone and CSC is not required.

5. Click [Start]. Sit back and relax :)

Keep updating...........

1. Download this

You should have these files.

2. Flash via ODIN the "zImage.tar" file
You should super expert by to flash tar file via ODIN :)

3. zImage file installed and auto reboot your phone.
4. Phone Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging checked
5. Connect the phone to computer via USB cable again.
6. Launch RUNME.BAT
7. DONE. You are rooted.

Download Superuser from market.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to install I9000XWJVZ 2.3.6 Europe

Europe is fast in system update. Where is Asia still in 2.3.3 version. What are you waiting for. Download and flash to your SGS phone :)

Version: 2.3.6
Date: 2011 December

Download here

 Download ODIN here

Status Bar. Battery % only for N7000XXKL3

Would like to add battery % percentage only for your N7000XXKL3?
Stock XXKL3 (Root + CWM)

Download this UOT Kitchen ZIP and flash it via CWM.
You could cook your own here

You need the copy out these 3 files from your phone to your desktop and upload to UOT
  1. "framework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
  2. "twframework-res.apk" in your phone system/framework/
  3. "SystemUI.apk" in system/app/
See image where you should upload the files.

How to ROOT+CWM N7000XXKL3

Would like to ROOT and Install CWM into your stock N7000XXKL3 ROM?

Follow this instruction:
1. Root your XXKL3 stock ROM using zergRUSH .Easiest and safest way
2. Download InitialCFRootFlasher
3. Download "zImage" KL3 here
(Extract "" and "tar" until you could see the "zImage" file
4. Copy "zImage" file into "CF-Root\InitialCFRootFlasher\zImage"

5. Run/double click "already-rooted.bat". Follow instruction displayed
6. DONE. Sit back and relax :)


You could straight ROOT + CWM it here. KL3 have been added to the list of CF-Root.

Good Luck!

Do not install Rocket V10

Camera fail on Rocket v10. Do not flash yet until next version. ZIP file provided for camera fix did not work.

Stay away from Rocket v10 for the time being.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dark Theme for Rocket V9 KL3

If you don't like original Rocket theme, which look big and cartoon you might like black and white theme

Original Rocket V9
New. Black and White theme. Download here

Simple status bar, battery percentage and others icons back to stock :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

How to install N7000XXKL3

Would like to install latest Stock Firmware for your Galaxy Note? Some improvements visible in the s-memo.

GT-N7000 N7000XXKL3. Download N7000XXKL3 click here (password: 
2011 December
CSC N7000ODDKL1 India

  1. Download ODIN to your PC. 
  2. Extract tar file from the ROM. "N7000XXKL3_N7000ODDKL1_N7000DDKL1_HOME.tar.md5"
  3. Put the phone into download mode (vol. down+home+power buttons)
  4. Start ODIN, connect the phone via USB. Choose continue on the phone
  5. Make sure to check in ODIN- Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time. DO NOT checked Re-Partition
  6. Click PDA button in ODIN and select tar file you extracted before.
  7. Click START button.
  8. DONE. Sit back and relax.

N7000: How to install Rocket ROM V9 (KL3 2.3.6 based)

Having problem to download Rocket ROM from XDA? Direct download here.

Download here

This custom ROM build base on N7000XXKL3. 2011 December. India

Installation Instructions:
This is a NO WIPE ROM. So just wipe Cache and flash in Recovery. If you experience any problems or Force Close, do a Full Wipe!

Do a Nandroid backup before flash custom ROM!!!

To enable ARABIC, download here. Flash ZIP file via recovery

BEFORE flashing ARABIC font

After flashing ARABIC font.

To download N7000XXKL3 stock ROM, click here (password: 

This is for Samsung Galaxy Note!

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