Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flexible car dock RM25 only

Looking for suitable car dock? You should get the flexible version that could handle any sizes of phone. For my case able to hold iPhone 3.7 inches, Galaxy S 4 inches or Galaxy Note 5.3 inches...

 Retractable to fit any sizes... but not 10 inches tablet... :)

You can turn it for landscape or portrait mode.

This car dock will cost you RM25 only. Good quality that could hold you galaxy note weight...


  1. cik_wa2:30 PM

    Interesting. Where can I actually get this? What happens to your DIY dock then? :)

  2. the other dock in on the floor..below the car charger...

  3. cik_wa10:34 AM

    :) so where can I actually get the above?

  4. kedai accessories kereta last time i beli kat bangi...sek 9..depan masjid hijau tu..

  5. cik_wa4:35 PM

    ok thanks ...