Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Contact Application

Best Contact Application! Watch this

Download it here

Good. Stable. Fast. Good Battery Life. ROM for Galaxy Note

New good custom ROM for your GT-N7000. Stable and fast enough.


  • Run SEEDER APK for better performance
  • DISABLE Samsung related services

Custom ROM Features:
  • Philiz kernel Kernel 4.88.2 XXLSZ_OXA
  • Modem XXLSO
  • Many apps updated to latest version(dropbox,chaton,youtube,maps,Samsung apps)
  • Removed some apps (googleplaymusic,google +,crayon_physics,livewallpapers,
  • Moved most app to data so they can easily updated
  • S4 Semi-transparent AccuweatherWidget (thanks to vitalyi600)
  • Recent Apps on notification Panel (thanks to kmokhtar79)
  • Native Call Recording based on XXLSZ
  • 4 way reboot
  • Ink Effect (thx to mythtrandyr for his App 'Ink Color Changer' to do all the settings inside with every colour in the world )
  • LockSreen Shortcuts
  • No ascending ringtone
  • Airview Fix also in Gallery
  • Unlimited apps for Multiwindow
  • SMS hacks: 200 contact recipients and MMS auto converting is increased to 200 SMS
  • Permanent disabling of SMS, MMS & Email log history to be logged in call logs
  • Airview in Gallery now multilang
  • Added tweaks for speed, scrolling, performance
  • Hacked SamsungCamera.apk (shutter on/off option is enabled, and removed battery restrictions) 
  • Pimp Up My Rom App tweaks
  • Removed the screenshot in power menu 
  • Back to philiz kernel because of lock screen wakeup bug on c.o.h 
  • Non transparent status bar because people complaining about it
  • Replaced google talk with hangout

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Monday, May 06, 2013

How to remove Settings Add-On on XXLSZ

Are you annoying with additional menu on your settings? Normally added by the developer. This is for XXLSZ only!

What should I do?

1. Go to system\app folder and delete related applications, such as:
- fastdormancytoggle.apk
- Cpuspy.apk
- org.adaway-1.apk

1. Use Root Explorer and mount r/w to the system/app folder
2. Look inside your add-on. What apps installed into the system. Remove it.

Then download this original SecSettings.apk and push it to preload\symlink\system\app folder.
Fix permissions to rw-r--r-- (644) then reboot the phone..

Reboot. Good Luck!

1. Backup your current SecSettings.apk before replace.