Sunday, January 06, 2019

Nissan X-TRAIL. How to connect Android Phone?

1. Download Easy Connection App for your Android

Install on your Android phone.

2. Update Car System Firmware

2.1 Download X-Trail firmware here:

2.2 Extract ZIP file and copy EXE to Car System SD Card

2.3 Make sure car system is OFF. Slot in SD Card.
2.4 Turn ON Car System
2.5 Select Option > System > Update
2.6 Wait for firmware update
2.7 Once completed. Remove SD Card and delete firmware EXE file
2.8 Done!

3. Download updated X-Trail Software Update.
Software/Map Update (for V8.28.01.20, May’18 Map)

my Google Drive


Extract ZIP File and run "Software_Updater.exe"
*Before that take off SD Card from your X-TRAIL and slot into your computer
*BACKUP your current SD Card content into computer

Once completed slot in SD-Card back to your X-Trail.

3.1 Update Map MFM MAL_20181128_v8.28
Download updated map here

3.1.1 Slot in SD Card to computer
3.1.2 Run "Galactio_Updater.exe"
3.1.3 Wait the Map Update completed

4. Enable Android Phone Debugging Mode
5. Run EasyCon and connect phone to X-Trail USB port
- Download EasyCon here

6. Click E-LINK on X-Trail if it's not auto run
7. Wait for connection
8. You should get this on your X-Trail