Monday, March 28, 2016

myBackup. FREE Backup Software

If you are looking for a software to do a regular backup and FREE. You should try this.

myBackup Objectives
I try to make it simple. I want to backup these folders into this external drive and I want to do it before going for lunch or going to sleep. This is to make sure all my code and documents have a backup with me without any dependency to the network availability or speed.

I want a new backup copy where I could refer to it later. If I wanted to.

How to use myBackup

Select SOURCE to backup. Double click to expand folder.

Select TARGET to backup. Internal or External Device. Double click to expand folder.

Save your regular backup setting in XML file format.
- Click [New Source]
- [Save]

Have the option to Overwrite or not. If choose not to overwrite, folder name will be added date and time. You will have a fresh backup folder name with time-stamp!

Option to overwrite or not

Backup folder with time-stamp

Save time by save your favorites folders into application setting

To ensure your data is safe simply load your XML and you'll have an unattended backup solution in place and save precious time by not having to manually select your back-up folders.

Click [Load XML] to load your previous favorites folders to backup.

myBackup v1.0
1. Backup selected source to target location

Download it here

myBackup v1.1
1. Change to listview with filename and status. Individual backup status
2. Error.log added

Individual backup status. OK or NOK

Download it here

myBackup v1.2
1. Check source and target file size
2. Check enough space to backup or not
3. Display error log
4. Performance and bugs fixing

Download it here

myBackup v1.3
1. View Backup Log

Download it here

myBackup v1.4
1. Able to select XML file to Load and Save 

myBackup v1.5
1. Enable Start and Cancel backup
2. Refresh screen
3. Bugs fixing and performance

Download it here

1. Schedule backup
Don't forget to backup....

My External Drive with docking station. 

From programmer to programmer. Please send feedback via comment below. TQ

You truly have a wonderful backup software...