Friday, September 28, 2012

Android Must Have Apps

If you would like to flash your phone with either stock or custom ROM you should have these apps keep inside your external SD-Card or setting. This is what I did....

1. Calendar and Contacts saved to Google. Go to GMail
2. SMS saved to Google using SMS Backup+
3. Backup your current apps using File Expert (including System Apps)
4. Save your document/note using EverNote
5. Auto upload photo while charging + WiFi using Google+

Others step
-Keep files to ROOT + BusyBox + Safe Kernel + CWM in the external SD-Card
Root Stock Files
Safe Kernel such as NoteCore, HydraCore, SpeedMod

-Copy your related data folder into external SD-Card such as iQuran folder (too big to re-download)
Backup data folders especially the big one

-With this you will have no problem to Format your Internal Storage and the main thing is you need to have EXTERNAL SD-CARD and the best at least same size as your internal.

-Simpler way is using Titanium Backup.
-I'm not using Titanum Backup because I would like to have clean/new app installation
-Titanium Backup sometimes generate issue to your new installed ROM
-You need to login and configure your apps again (If apps did not have backup and restore setting option). Most of the time I need to restore email setting (2 email server only)
-Most of the apps nowadays have the setting save in the cloud such as FlipBoard, EverNote, Dolphin Browser, etc..

Galaxy Note Classic v6

Updated again to custom ROM. Stable since it's near stock with minor customization.

Now I'm Classic :)
LRK modem known as good battery saver combined with Speedmod k13-3 kernel

 Custom Toggles and Notification. S3 style

Default apps installed. Factory reset, Format Storage and all data gone. I like it CLEAN

My favourite apps on Classic V6. I did not use Titanium Backup. Just use File Expert to export/back up apps. All my data in the CLOUD :)
 DDLR9 base
Acceptable performance...

How to do it?
If you are coming from Samsung Stock. You need to be rooted + busybox + CWM first.

1. Root your stock ROM. Reboot Recovery and load files below (Volume UP+ Home+ Power)

a. "" then Reboot. 
b. Then load "Root_Busybox_1.20.2_Only_(No_SuperSU)"

2. You need to have Mobile Odin to load Kernel

a. Download Mobile Odin Lite v1.0 | Mobile Odin Lite v1.25. Mobile Odin Pro would be good.

3. Download Kernel. My suggestion SpeedMod. CWM included.

Odin version: SpeedMod K3-13 for Odin

Load kernel using your Mobile Odin

4. You are ready to load custom kernel now.

a. You are rooted
b. You have CWM + Safe Kernel
c. Download Classic ROM CWM FLASHABLE ROM  here.
d. Copy file to your phone and Install ZIP file
e. DONE!

-Factory reset (wipe date, cache and dalvik would be good. Clean)
-Storage> Format. Much2 better. Extra clean

Continue reading related to Classic V6 and SpeedMod

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Root. Jelly Bean Font and Locker for XXLRT

Jelly Bean Font and Locker for XXLRT

 Stock ICS Font
 Jelly Bean Font. Slimmer

Jelly Bean Locker. Have options to UNLOCK, CAMERA and Google Search. Reduce accidently unlock your phone.

Download Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note here

  • ZIP file load via CWM
  • You need to be ROOTED
  • Download ROM Manager from Google Play if you need CWM

You just need these 2 files to ROOT + BusyBox your GNote.



  1. Load both files in your stock recovery. 
  2. To be save. Load in stock recovery and reboot
  3. Back to recovery and load and reboot
  4. DONE

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UPDATE Galaxy Note to N7000XXLRT

UPDATE your Galaxy Note firmware to N7000XXLRT. No worry, it's NO WIPE

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBADBT
Latest firmware: N7000XXLRT/N7000DBTLRT/N7000XXLRK/N7000XXLRT
Version: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
PDA: N7000XXLRT (Base Firmware)
Modem: N7000XXLRK
Build Date: 06-09-2012
Change-list: 1068447

Download here

What's new? I don't know....downloading it :)

How to Install?

1. Get ODIN for Desktop v1.87 and load TAR file. Leaked firmware will not give you Yellow Triangle.
2. Get your phone in DOWNLOAD MODE (HOME + Volume Down + Power Button)
3. Connect PHONE to your PC
4. Click START. Sit back and relax...

5. DONE!
Stock N7000XXLRT.

 DONE ROOTED + BUSYBOX. Using SuperSU v0.95

Quadrant. Acceptable performance.

It's NO WIPE version.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Custom ROM. RocketROM v11 LRQ. NO WIPE

Custom ROM. RocketROM v11 LRQ base. Baseband or Modem LRK.

Download here

How to install?
- Copy ZIP file into your External SD-Card

- Boot in Recovery (3 combo-button)
- Wipe Caches and Dalvik only!!! DO NOT Format data/Factory Reset/FullWipe!!!
- Flash ROM
- Reboot system
- DONE!!!

- I'm coming from LRQ+Rooted+NoteCorev14.1

Default HydraCore v4.3
15 customizable Toggles

NO WIPE! Your apps and data intact. NO Worry.

 New app installed. AWESOME BEATS
Toggles settings.
SuperSU installed during rooting process.
Superuser installed by HydraCore, but should not be a problem.


 Awesome BEATS keep running. You may remove it using Titanium Backup or any other tools

Power menu button theme.
Reboot selection
 Toggles selections
Select whatever you like to be shown on your notification/status area.

Custom your sound modes toggle. I like 2 selection. Sound/Vibrate, by default LRQ its 3 selection.

RRv11 with SpeedMod K13-3

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

N7000XXLRQ Screens + ROOT + Busybox + HydraCore

Galaxy Note N7000XXLRQ Screens

New TouchWiz....Apps and Widget Tab

Mobile ODIN ready to load HydraCore

Done ROOT + Busybox

How to ROOT+Busybox?
Download required files here [Stock Root Me via Recovery]

Load via stock recovery
1. "" then Reboot. Load file# 2
2. "Root_Busybox_1.20.2_Only_(No_SuperSU)"

Selection to order grid icon alphabetically
Select Album, Time, Location or Picasa...

A,B,C...on the right..

Below 3 thousands...mmmm... really need HydraCore

You need ROOT + BusyBox to run Mobile ODIN successfully.

Download HydraCore here and load via Mobile ODIN
v3.5 ODIN Tar -

 Successfully load HydraCore v3.5. Continue reading here

Quadrant more than 3 thousands...

Try but not working. May be need to reboot


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

NEW Galaxy Note N7000XXLRQ

NEW Galaxy Note N7000XXLRQ. Download here

Base Firmware: N7000XXLRQ(4.0.4)
Modem: N7000XXLRK
Build Date: 28-08-2012
Changlist: 1068447

How to Install?
  1. Load using PC ODIN. PDA only


  • Coming from CleaNote v5 (ICS)
  • Once done, I format my phone SD Card and RESET..clear all my apps data..CLEAN :)

What's NEW?
  • New TouchWiz Launcher taken from S III. Improves performance dramatically.
  • New gallery with fancy 3D effects
  • Lockscreen Rotate to Camera from S III
  • Direct Call from S III
  • Pop-up video can now be resized
  • New contact list
  • Slightly changed contact list layout
  • You can now save contacts in the S-Cloud (like google contacts)
  • Added new motion: call contact currently displayed if you raise the phone
  • Performance improved!
  • Added S-Cloud 
  • Added bloatware (NTV, Lieferheld, ChatOn, myTaxi)
  • New Backup to Samsung Account (SMS etc)

What's Not FIX

  • Black clipping not fixed. Get SpeedMod or HydraCore Kernel

A new update out today for the international Galaxy Note (GT-N7000), adding a whole host of new features from the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. The update, which is still based upon Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, introduces Note owners to features like Pop-up Play, a new Note 2-style 3D gallery app, lock screen and home screen enhancements and ‘S Cloud’ contact back-up, to name but a few. Overall, there are some pretty sweeping changes to the phone’s UI.

Screen Shots and How to ROOT? coming soon....

Continue reading here