Thursday, September 06, 2012

N7000XXLRQ Screens + ROOT + Busybox + HydraCore

Galaxy Note N7000XXLRQ Screens

New TouchWiz....Apps and Widget Tab

Mobile ODIN ready to load HydraCore

Done ROOT + Busybox

How to ROOT+Busybox?
Download required files here [Stock Root Me via Recovery]

Load via stock recovery
1. "" then Reboot. Load file# 2
2. "Root_Busybox_1.20.2_Only_(No_SuperSU)"

Selection to order grid icon alphabetically
Select Album, Time, Location or Picasa...

A,B,C...on the right..

Below 3 thousands...mmmm... really need HydraCore

You need ROOT + BusyBox to run Mobile ODIN successfully.

Download HydraCore here and load via Mobile ODIN
v3.5 ODIN Tar -

 Successfully load HydraCore v3.5. Continue reading here

Quadrant more than 3 thousands...

Try but not working. May be need to reboot