Saturday, April 28, 2012

Litening ROM Note v1.0

Just install Litening ROM Note v1.0 for Galaxy Note N7000. It's a WIPE version. Your apps will be deleted but your data maintain. You need to re-install your apps one-by-one. With google auto restore, you could select which apps to re-install.

Features *Based on original Firmware
*CF-Root kernel
*Blue themed
*Call Recording
*Battery percentage
*Overscroll glow
*Better optimised apk's, framework for more speed and free mem.
*Extended Power menu
*Camera silent
*Large APN list
*Fast GPS lock
*Memory tweak
*Kernel tweaks
*SD card read tweak
*Root + Busybox

You might have problem with the market since after installation you will have old market. Just let's it update or reeboot your phone. Once you get the updated market you will be back as normal.

You still have your CWM/Recover apps here.
Nice app.

SuperSu or Superuser app. You are rooted!

Circle Battery %

Nice blue theme but in term of performance not soo lightning...just like stock LC1.

3882 quadrant standard

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Patch ARABIC with no problem with this. Select RTL Patch for LC1. Flash in recovery.

Added SPEEDMOD as new kernel.

battery usage... heavy youtube watching and reading.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Google Drive 5GB avail for download

Google drive available for download from google play.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Freeze Samsung Apps Bloatware

Would like to remove or freeze some of the apps not used by you? they are called bloatware. These apps running at the background and eating your battery. There are list of apps SAFE to removed.

I'm using AnTek App Manager to do that. Available in the Google Play. Required ROOT. If something wrong you can unfrozen it back.

My Frozen list.

Complete list of apps safe to be removed here

What's apps that you are not using and wanted it to be removed?

New Facebook for Android v1.9.0

Have you seen this new facebook v1.9.0? It's has it own camera apps now!

 Facebook v1.9.0

Default installation of 3 application. Facebook, FB Camera and Messenger.

Simple camera app
You can tag!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to install ICS Stunner

How to install ICS Stunner on Galaxy Note N7000?

You are from Gingerbread with root. This is what you need:

1. ICS LP1 Repack I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK  - Mobile Odin Pro/Mobile Odin Lite.

Open file "I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK.tar"

2. Once reboot. Clear Data/Factory Reset
 This is CWM or sometime people said Reboot Recovery

3. Advance>Reboot Recovery. Then install ZIP files below
4. ICS Stunner - CWM Recovery
5. LP5 modem - CWM Recovery
6. Done

-Do not use LP5 repack
-LP6 modem avail on LP5 modem link
-Copy all the download files into your internal SD card 
-No s-pen usage like stock

How to make screen shot on stunner?
Settings >Euphoria Control>Power Menu Options>Check Show screenshot

Hold Power Button and you will see ScreenShot option

ICS Stunner 1.4.19 Screens. Apps
CWM avail.

SuperSU. Means you are rooted!


Facebook with Arabic font.

Friday, April 20, 2012

TheMIDTeam the best ICS Team for Galaxy Note

If you are looking for ICS with good support you should look for TheMIDTeam. A bunch of expert developers join develop the ICS for Galaxy Note.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Easy to install and stable ICS for Galaxy Note

Are you eagerly to try ICS on your Galaxy Note. You can't wait any longer? I suggest you to install ICS Stunner. Easy to install and stable ICS.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Download and Install MidNote 3.0 (ICS LP5)

MidNote 3.0 STEPS with Links (Galaxy Note N7000). LP5 ICS FULL Working

2. Mobile Odin
Open file...= MIDNOTE2.1_BASE.tar.
Kernel= zimage. Extract "midone3-kernel.tar" to get the zimage file.
Enable everoot, inject superuser, inject mobile Odin, wipe data and cache are CHECKED
Press Flash Firmware
Answer "yes" on md5 verify

3. After the flash, you will be in CWM recovery. Select reboot
4. ONLY FIRST TIME you will see statusbar only
5. Long press power button, then select "reboot". You will have FRESH MidNote2.1.
6. Run Mobile Odin and make sure it has root permission
7. Reboot into CWM Recovery
10. Reboot recovery using CWM manager (not 3 combo button)
11. Do a FULL WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET, then wipe cache (NO Dalvik), then reboot
12. Check time option to "auto", then CHECK BOTH GOOGLE LOCATIONS option to "ON"
13. DO NOT ENTER YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT name and password in this step, finish your setup
14. Now select "APEX LAUNCHER"
15. Open Market and install "Maps", set GPS "off"
16. Open Maps, answer "ignore" if wants to check positions settings
17. LOCATE YOUR POSITION (wifi or 3G data must be ON)

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Monday, April 02, 2012

AOSP ICS ready for daily use (Galaxy Note)

Galaxy Note N7000 AOSP ICS Android 4.0.4. Major problem of Video Recoding have been fixed on AOSP since developers get their hands on Android 4.0.4 source code. Even the 2 minor problems have work around for it.

There are solutions  for bugs below. Look at 1st page here:
1. First SMS Message
2. Stock USB Mass Storage mounts internal SD only
3. Calendar sync fix
4. Keyboard dictionary fix

If you would like to have plain ICS on your galaxy note (No TouchWiz and Samsung apps). Have a try. The steps stated on OP. Very easy to follow.

Thank you IMILKA from XDA

a) If you're on any other build: flash Chainfire ICS repack using mobile odin
b) If you're on previous imilka AOSP: do nothing
2. Upload into your sdcard. Currently V07
3. Reboot into recovery
4. Flash
a) If you was on AOSP ICS previous versions and want to keep your data: do nothing
b) If you was on any other build: wipe data using CWM recovery
6. Reboot. Sit back and RELAX

This is what I have on my Galaxy Note. Sorry for the orientation :)

Take a the video I made :)

More screenshots below...


Can you see mouse pointer on the screen. You will see that when you put your S-Pen near the screen.

You might hate this. Unable to make screen capture via S-Pen. Have to make screen shots via screenshots software. You will not have S-Memo and others Samsung Apps spesific build for Galaxy Note and S-Pen, but you could always looks for the APK :)

Arabic pre-loaded
Minimum running apps at the background

Photo Album Gallery. I don't have to worry about my photo. Auto sync to Google+, WIFI and while charging only!
Stock Browser
Car Home

My problems for now:
1. To read external SD Card. There are a few solutions for it. Looking for the best and permanent effect.

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