Monday, April 02, 2012

AOSP ICS ready for daily use (Galaxy Note)

Galaxy Note N7000 AOSP ICS Android 4.0.4. Major problem of Video Recoding have been fixed on AOSP since developers get their hands on Android 4.0.4 source code. Even the 2 minor problems have work around for it.

There are solutions  for bugs below. Look at 1st page here:
1. First SMS Message
2. Stock USB Mass Storage mounts internal SD only
3. Calendar sync fix
4. Keyboard dictionary fix

If you would like to have plain ICS on your galaxy note (No TouchWiz and Samsung apps). Have a try. The steps stated on OP. Very easy to follow.

Thank you IMILKA from XDA

a) If you're on any other build: flash Chainfire ICS repack using mobile odin
b) If you're on previous imilka AOSP: do nothing
2. Upload into your sdcard. Currently V07
3. Reboot into recovery
4. Flash
a) If you was on AOSP ICS previous versions and want to keep your data: do nothing
b) If you was on any other build: wipe data using CWM recovery
6. Reboot. Sit back and RELAX

This is what I have on my Galaxy Note. Sorry for the orientation :)

Take a the video I made :)

More screenshots below...


Can you see mouse pointer on the screen. You will see that when you put your S-Pen near the screen.

You might hate this. Unable to make screen capture via S-Pen. Have to make screen shots via screenshots software. You will not have S-Memo and others Samsung Apps spesific build for Galaxy Note and S-Pen, but you could always looks for the APK :)

Arabic pre-loaded
Minimum running apps at the background

Photo Album Gallery. I don't have to worry about my photo. Auto sync to Google+, WIFI and while charging only!
Stock Browser
Car Home

My problems for now:
1. To read external SD Card. There are a few solutions for it. Looking for the best and permanent effect.

Continue reading here


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    How did you port all your appa/data from GB to this imilka ICS?

    1. I have my fav apps on the home screen and I have screen capture of it.

      You will see almost the same apps on my home screen since my SGS :)

  2. Im not porting it, re-install it..I keep all handy for all my apps APK.

    You may backup or save you APK using File Expert (Google Play)

    Nowaday when you flash, just wipe cache and Dalvik. You apps data will not be deleted. Install Apps, it will auto link to your previous data.

    Note: DO NOT FACTORY RESET/FORMAT USB. If you do this, you data, photo will be DELETED!

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Thanks for your quick reply. I have Titanium Pro. Can I use that to backup all my data appa on GB and restored them on tjis ICS imilka ROM? Great job in maintaining this site!

    1. I dont know about titanium. Usually I just backup the APK and keep the apps folder as it is.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Have you tried installing S-Memo from GB on ICS? Anything not functioning on imilka's other than the sd card mounting and calendar/phone?

  5. Problem on SD card mounting only. Successfuly mounting it using Mount manager but you have to run the app in order to view it on other file explorer such as root explorer.

    Calendar sync. No problem. Follow solution on page 1.

    Havent tried installing s-memo. Since i'm not using it. That why I choose to have AOSP.

    No problem with draw something.

    1. i flashed the ICS Gapps for calendar sync. Only worry with this ROm is if there will be Sleep of death...Since the kernel is still the old one.


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