Friday, March 30, 2012

Battery % for Stock N7000DXLC2 (ODEX)

If you feel tired (just like me) of moving from Menu Settings > About > Status to look for current battery percentage in number, you can download and load my cooking battery %.

Why can't Google make this as and option in the settings? Display % [Y/N]

Just cook my own battery percentage for my Galaxy Note N7000DXLC2 since I can't find any in XDA.

Download and load it via Recovery (CWM). DONE. You will have battery percentage and Roboto FONT as a bonus :) on Google Docs

You can cook your favorite theme here

If you just wonder what I'm doing with my Kernel. You may download SpeedMod here. SpeedMod available in TAR format for Mobile ODIN and ZIP format for CWM recovery. I prefer TAR and load via Mobile Odin.

SpeedMod smooth and stabe. Balance of battery usage and performance.

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  1. Do you have for DEODEX-DXLC1, because after reading your various post here, I end up with DXLC2+ROOT+CWM(LC1).

    I believe cannot be applied here...

    1. If you are deodex more theme avail in XDA to choose.

      ODEX have limited theme.

    2. ye ke... ok thank you.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM


    After flashing with ODEX-DXLC2 when i open CWM it says "CWM manager should be used with CF-root v5.0 or newer".

    Is it safe for me to proceed with the above battery status zip file load via CWM Recovery?

    1. yes. should be ok.

      the message comingup because CWM developed by CF-Root and works best for it's kernel. With Speedmod it should not be a problem.

      New speedmode kernel K2-3 have superuser+cwm. Just like CF-Root.

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM


      After I reboot to CWM recovery mode, i do not have this option "Install zip from SD Card".

      Whats missing here?

    3. You need proper CWM. There is default recovery. I'm not using that.

      Try flash speedmod k2-3 using mobile odin. New version have superuser+CWM pre-installed.

    4. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Ok bro, flashed speedmod k2-3.

      When go to CWM recovery, still received same msg "CWM manager should be used with CF-root v5.0 or newer".

      But, the option "Install zip from SD Card" is there. So i proceeded to load your battery % zip file. Success.

      Tq bro..

  3. how do i apply this if I've installed the Mobile Odin Pro version of speedmod kernel?

  4. i have a samsung infuse 2.3.6 gingerbread rooted with NOT a stock kernel. can i flash this using my cwm. also im not able to find the file. how do i download the file


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