Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Samsung TouchWiz Change Folder Name

Have you tried to change folder name in TouchWiz or TwLauncher? This is how to do it.

After you have done the application grouping in a folder, by default TwLauncher will give you default name as Folder1, Folder2, etc...

How to rename it?

Click on the folder in Home Screen. It will pop-up as below.
 Click or press and hold on the top area of the dialog box. You will be able to rename it as below.

 Change the folder name as you like.
This is what you will get. More clean screen with apps in the folder.


You can do it in the Application Mode as well to permanently rename the folder with the same technique.
1. Open the folder
2. Press+hold on top of the folder
3. Rename it


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