Thursday, March 08, 2012

iOS Software Update

iOS 5.1 announced and released today 8 March 2012 and it's available for download at the same day.What's took sooooo long for ICS Android 4.0 to be available for all Android devices? Fragmentation or source code secrecy problem?

Android source code update should be available for all Android devices before it's official release. Then you won't see too many devices way far back (unless it did not met minimum hardware requirements). Each Android version also, should not too drastically change the hardware requirements in-term of memory and processor speed.

We have seen how Apple handle the software update and how Google handle it. As end-user we could see the different clearly. Google talk about Jelly Bean, but where is Ice Cream Sandwich? What happen to Honeycomb? Where can I download the new firmware? Can I download it from Android Market/Google Play? I can download software and OS update from iTunes. Why not Google Play? All android devices use Google Play.

Finally, what can we only hope is Google could plan their software update more seriously and do not just want to play catch up with iOS but in reality who's using it?

My iPod 1st Gen stuck with iOS 3.0 but acceptable performance and features as music player and games player for kids.

iOS 5.1 available for:

-iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S
-iPad 1, 2, HD (3)
-iPod touch 3rd and 4th gen


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