Friday, March 23, 2012

GALAXY Note Premium Suite with Ice Cream Sandwich

It's coming this year Q2. Means between April to June.

With this, Galaxy Note will be far-far better than the rest. You will feel lucky to have Galaxy Note. With the power that it has, just nice big screen and S-Pen, that the way moving forward.

Galaxy Note S-Note with a lots of template to play with and you could share:
  1. Note
  2. Meeting Note
  3. Sketch Book
  4. Dairy
  5. Magazine
  6. Travel
  7. Card
  8. Receipe
Auto straight you drawn line and complex math.
Currently you can do it by doing the steps above (It's difficult to me).

Finally, what you will have?
  1. S Note
  2. S Memo Upgrade
  3. My Story
  4. ICS OS
Worth it for the delay.....

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