Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to root Galaxy Note without downgrade

How to root Galaxy Note with PC Odin without downgrade and safe. Do not worry about counter and yellow triangle. You are SAFE!

How to do it?
1. Download it here

2. ODIN Start
3. Power OFF your phone
4. Set your phone in download mode (Home+Volume Down+Power button)
5. Connect USB cable to computer and wait it's connected. Click [Start] 
 6. Sit back and relax. Wait until it reboot. ODIN End

It's NO-WIPE. Flash PDA only!

At the end of the process you will have ROOT and able to run Mobile Odin on your Galaxy Note. You may flash custom rom after that and maintain your root.

-Flash all 3 files if you wanted to update Phone and CSC. In my case I'm already installed stock N7000XXLC1.
-No problem since it just like stock rom with ROOT injected safely.

 I'm rooted.

Superuser downloaded and installed by Mobile ODIN when first time running it.

-CWM not installed. You have to install it manually or just flash any custom rom with Mobile Odin that have CWM inside.

Thanks to bodivas and continue reading at  XDA developer


  1. how to unroot later? :)

    1. just flash back stock firmware (the easist and cleanest).

    2. meaning that i just need to download another any official version firmware and flash using odin via pc?

      thanks for replying..

  2. rebooto11:17 AM

    i just updated to the LC2 firmware yesterday so can use ur method to root it?

  3. Look at DXLC2+root page. You will get stock+root

  4. Hi:Well I tried that & it seems not have worked but I was using Odin 1.87

  5. Anonymous10:33 PM

    will this work if i have a stock jpla4 firmware