Monday, March 19, 2012

Midnote 2.0 ICS on my Galaxy Note

Base on ICS China version. Midnote 2.0 ICS

See the kernel number. Its I9220 and NOT N7000 kernel

Lock Screen...nice BMW ya....when can I have it ????... mmm..mmmmm... Now I have it! on my GNote... hehehehhe
Home Screen 01. Any different from GB? Phone and Contact icon? mmmm..what else so special on ICS?
No shutter sound on camera when set silent.

 Home Screen 02... mmm..still look the same to me..
Application Screen 01
Application Screen 02. Market Unlocker there??  For what?
You need it to download missing Google Maps from the installation.
Application Screen 03. Triangle Away works on ICS only! If have Yellow Triangle and counter issue previously.

 Menu...mmm..ok...from box menu to menu list... nothing special...
 Setting...dark background (iLike). But it just a menu with black theme and new icons...
 Nova Setting.. You may try ApexLauncher as well. Download from Google Play.. (Google ni main2 la..don't play-play la...)
Notification...mmmm..I have seen before in custom rom... They offer custom notification button. ICS...boleh la..

Task Manager....yes...this is new..Slide to unload...nice...
 This is Phone ya....not a calculator... adusss... This is Samsung or Google work??

 Contact list
 Calculator and not my bank account balance.....hehhehehe

 Misc eating up my storage space.
 Low usage but 5% reduce in 15minutes...mmmmmm...

 New...quite useful for me that have 3GB quota

Battery %. Google still can't get it right...I don't know maybe Midnote problem.

If you like it, installed this

-Fully functional phone
-Video recording
-Stock Browser

-Sometime fail to run phone and contacts app. Have to use GoPhone and GoContact
-Dolphin Browser HD freeze if you type on the address bar too fast.
-Fail to run My files due to Internal Storage Error Message. Scary man.
-Message received with no Sound notification
-Lock screen sometime freeze and have to wait
-Nova Launcher frequently crash and re-start

-Midnote 2.0 ICS can be used for daily usage but a it's a bit slow performance
-Not good enough to use for longer time. You will be frustrated since nothing special so far.

Some XDA developer member advice us to install Go Launcher Ex with ICS Theme, GoPhone, GoContact and GoNotification. If I go this way, I think GoLauncher Ex run better on GB to emulate ICS or check out my previous post for ICS Denomination. Deep integration into GB. Fast and stable "ICS".

It's your choice....for me as a tester, I have no problem installing this. Seems like the ICS installation process getting better but Midnote 2.1 had brick a few phones and have been withdrawn from upgrade list. Anyway, for normal user, BEWARE!

After 2 days using Midnote 2.0 ICS, back to GB XXLC1 ODEX+Root+CWM+Battery Percentage

I will show how to do it in the next post.


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I think original leak repack by Chainfire is far better than this one... Just few SOD but there is Wavelock to avoid this issue...

    1. Not too far. coming better ICS for note.

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