Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to add CWM to your rooted XXLC1

You should have root your Galaxy Note by now after previous post. If you would like to add CWM follow steps below.

1. You must have Mobile Odin. Download it here
2. Download and unzip the file.
- Copy TAR file into your phone internal storage
3. Run Mobile Odin on your Galaxy Note
4. Load CF-Root kernel by clicking Open file...

5. Then click Flash firmware. DONE

At the end of the process you should have CWM installed and SuperSu (replacement of SuperUser)

DONE. You are ROOTED+CWM+SuperSu (CF-Root super user version)

Finally we have straight forward root and now we have CWM as well..... happy rooting...
Since ICS will be delayed, it's worth it for me to try something and taste earlier ICS.

Coming soooooon.... stable ICS...

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