Thursday, February 28, 2013

What do you need for your Galaxy Note?

For me it's simple. Just get any simple or mini XXLSZ DEODEX + root it with Philz + your favorite theme.

With this you have stable version, good performance, acceptable battery life and look nice for daily usage.

Black and white...

Good performance score...

19 hours become normal... more than enough.

Long battery life...

Others you might want to consider
1. Eybee XXLSZ base
2. Eybee Bootloader
3. Mod 1 + Mod 2 +Mod 3 in a file

ThaiDai Small v1.1+Dark Mini Theme+Eybee Tweak+CrossBreeder Battery

ThaiDai Small v1.1+Dark Mini Theme+Eybee Tweak+CrossBreeder Battery

 Normal usage


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ThaiDai Small v1.1+Dark Mini Theme+Eybee Tweak+CrossBreeder

The best setup I have for now. GT-N7000XXLSZ. XXLSZ is a Germany version.

ThaiDai Small v1.1 + Dark Mini Theme + Eybee Tweak + CrossBreeder (NEW!)

Simple. Stable. Fast. Smooth. Good Battery Life.

Low memory usage after Eybee Tweak.
Minimum running services....

Continue reading eybee tweak and mod, trinev theme and majdinj here

Adding CrossBreeder. TQ Eybee for the suggestion and link.

Download it here: and

How to Install it?
-Flash it via CWM.
-Flash CrossBreeder_Uninstall if you had install any before.

Before  CrossBreeder: 7581

Since we can't measure how fast before and after the changes, I'm using Antutu for that. Basically both FAST!

Getting FASTER!

Frankly speaking...internet related apps do load faster.

What it does?
  • Cool new feature. Neat Adblock. No more ugly 'Page not found' errors in your pages instead of your ads.
  • More memory utilization
  • Memory utilisation less than halved.
  • DNS related improvements. 
  • Haveged logic improvements. 
  • Rate of change of entropy logic added. 
  • UI more snappy. 
  • Changes to auto start-up logic. 
  • Tether fix and boost
How they do it?
1. It's a big new feature, removal of DNS lag
2. Change wakeup threshold kernel parameters so read blocks are released instantly and write blocks remain as we have an external entropy generator.
3. Modulate OS entropy levels for lag reduction ala Seeder
4. Remove /dev/random as it's blocking
5. Frandom support

Monday, February 25, 2013

Android sliding area and Apex Launcher

Do you know why I always keep my home screen below area blank. 2 blank rows. It's to make sure I have no problem sliding left and right without accidently pressing an app.

I add sliding UP will open my application drawer. It's an additional action and the setting available in Apex Launcher. So you could quickly access your application drawer.

 2 blank rows in both home 1 and 2

Set Swipe UP and Swipe DOWN action setting here....

Another Apex Launcher setting that I like. Lock the desktop. This will prevent you from accidently removed/change you home screen apps list.

Happy configuring your home screen....and practically for daily usage :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mini XXLSZ Darker

My Mini XXLSZ getting Darker...

How to do that?
1. Download this FREE Apex Launcher
2. Download this Glasklart Theme
3. Change Theme


Set that as your phone theme with black wallpaper... now your phone darker and nicer with Black and White JB Theme :)

JB Black and White Theme
Download MiniDarkTheme-2 here. Flash via CWM. DEODEX only! (Stock is ODEX)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mini XXLSZ with Dark Theme

Enjoy the screen? Black and White.

Download MiniDarkTheme-2 here.

1. This is strictly for XXLSZ DEODEX only!
2. Stock is ODEX. 
3. Flash it using CWM. Done!

-I'm still using ThaiDai Slim v1.1
-No lock screen problem since I'm not enable weather in the lockscreen
-It's getting faster after flashing :)

Latest Antutu.....tuuuuu diaaaa..
After phone re-start

Continue reading here...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disable Samsung Bloatware. Application List

If you are looking for application list to disable for your Android Jelly Bean, check out image below. Disable it so that you could enable it if required.

This will speedup your phone and save battery life...because some of it running at the background.

Save to DISABLE android Jelly Bean application list.

How to Disable it?
1. Goto Settings > Application Manager
2. Goto [ALL] tab
3. Select app to disable/uninstall
4. DONE!

Disable it. Enable it if you would like to use it later.

-To completely uninstall it use Titanium Backup

Flash Player for Android 4.x archives

If you have problem viewing page with adobe flash player after installing Jelly Bean. No worry, click link below and download Adobe Flash player for your android phone.

Download Area or Click on Complete Adobe Flash Player Archived

Look for Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives. Get the TOP one or latest.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super fast Galaxy Note XXLSZ Mini

Currently testing ThaiDai Slim v1.1.... I like light and slim.. Most of the bloatware deleted and it will save some storage space for you :)

Non-stop using the phone

After 7 hours and 2 hours screen...
Highest...among stock XXLSZ, XXLSC, XXLSA and LM5..

Re-run antutu today..getting higher. Maybe because of Philz XXLSZ or the system properly cached.

Quadrant Benchmark.....

Sit back and relax....enjoy the video and look how fast it's response and display content...

ThaiDai Slim XXLSZ...

Minimum apps..until SuperSu only... others you may download from Google Play.

Download from Google Play. Enhanced Email to replace Samsung Email app.
 Good battery life....
After 15hours and near 2 hours screen..

After 17hours and 3hours screen.. Hit 3 hours screen is good enough..

With the performance and this battery life... I'm more than happy... :)

Might add a few mod that I used only.... DO NOT add mod that you did not use or seldom use it. It might lag your phone.

Do not enable Weather if the APK have been removed! You might have problem in Lock Screen.

Download ThaiDai  Small XXLSZ v1.1

How to Install it?
1. Install ZSLM5 + Root. This will format your phone to JB format. Continue reading here
2. Copy ThaiDai ZIP file to your phone
3. Reboot recovery CWM.
4. Clear data/factory reset, cache and dalvik
5. Storage > format/data, format/system, format/preload
6. Flash ZIP file
7. DONE!

-Follow exactly the screen setting in step 1. The PIT and re-partition.
-This will clear your apps and data, but not apps data folder
-Clearing previous kernel and installation is crucial for system stability and battery performance

Continue reading here