Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super fast Galaxy Note XXLSZ Mini

Currently testing ThaiDai Slim v1.1.... I like light and slim.. Most of the bloatware deleted and it will save some storage space for you :)

Non-stop using the phone

After 7 hours and 2 hours screen...
Highest...among stock XXLSZ, XXLSC, XXLSA and LM5..

Re-run antutu today..getting higher. Maybe because of Philz XXLSZ or the system properly cached.

Quadrant Benchmark.....

Sit back and relax....enjoy the video and look how fast it's response and display content...

ThaiDai Slim XXLSZ...

Minimum apps..until SuperSu only... others you may download from Google Play.

Download from Google Play. Enhanced Email to replace Samsung Email app.
 Good battery life....
After 15hours and near 2 hours screen..

After 17hours and 3hours screen.. Hit 3 hours screen is good enough..

With the performance and this battery life... I'm more than happy... :)

Might add a few mod that I used only.... DO NOT add mod that you did not use or seldom use it. It might lag your phone.

Do not enable Weather if the APK have been removed! You might have problem in Lock Screen.

Download ThaiDai  Small XXLSZ v1.1

How to Install it?
1. Install ZSLM5 + Root. This will format your phone to JB format. Continue reading here
2. Copy ThaiDai ZIP file to your phone
3. Reboot recovery CWM.
4. Clear data/factory reset, cache and dalvik
5. Storage > format/data, format/system, format/preload
6. Flash ZIP file
7. DONE!

-Follow exactly the screen setting in step 1. The PIT and re-partition.
-This will clear your apps and data, but not apps data folder
-Clearing previous kernel and installation is crucial for system stability and battery performance

Continue reading here


  1. Can I just flash Thaidai small zip on top of Ultimate XXLSC after factory reset and format cache, system, data and preload. Then flash eyebee bootloader zip?


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