Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Install N7000ZSLM5

New Firmware Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 Hong Kong N7000ZSLM5 for Galaxy Note. Build on 24 January 2013.

Download N7000ZSLM5 here. Click on the right button to download. Password required to unzip it.
Password :

Files that you should have. Look at the file size.

-This is STOCK and NO root. 
-It will WIPE all your existing apps and setting. BACKUP before flash!
How to Install via PC ODIN?
1. Download PC ODIN. PC Odin v1.87 or PC ODIN v3.04
2. Phone in Download Mode (Power+Volume Down+Home button)
3. Connect USB PC>Phone. Make sure the COM area has port number displayed
4. Follow screen below for the setting. Click on [Start]. Sit back and relax.

Load (Google Doc) in Stock Recovery to get you ROOT back.

This is how to download from Google Doc. You might not see the menu if view on mobile.

Note: I'm coming from XXLSA eybee stock+ROOT

How to Install (Keep your ROOT)
1. Load Via Mobile Odin (Get from Google Play)
2. Load file CODE_N7000ZSLM5_693606_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
3. Keep ROOT

Note: Provided currently you are ROOTED.

Continue Reading here and Philz here


  1. Bro JJ,

    Kalau aku punya note ICS DXLR5+Root, boleh ke proceed to flash JB LM5 ni?

    Takut kena brick bug nnti..


    1. Yes. You can. PC Odin works just like at service center. It should load latest firmware without any problem.

    2. Ok bro...finally upgrade to JB.. TQ!!!

  2. Wipe rom ke ni??csc??currently on xxlsc..dun want to wipe any data

    1. It will WIPE your apps and setting. Its not incremental.

  3. bro JJ, aku sekarang DXLR1 + root and speedmod kernel. boleh tak aku terus flash guna mobile odin? TQ.

    1. Seperti jawapan diatas...boleh.

      Ambil yg baru la xxlsz. Pc odin base.

  4. bro.. boleh tolong tak macam mana nak flash cm10 kat alps i9220( galaxy note clone)

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