Sunday, February 17, 2013

N7000ZSLM5 Battery and Performance

My ZSLM5 battery life is acceptable. No heating. Faster than ICS and smoother. No bootloop. No FCs. Stable like XXLSA.

I had disable most of the Samsung Bloatware

 2 hours screen- Acceptable battery usage

You can use your phone half-day without charging it. As for me normal usage phone call, whatsapp, facebook and reading XDA, flipboard, youtube and browser..
 What can I say. WOW! Good stand-by....

12m screens means...I have a good sleep :)

19 problemo.....

Antutu about it? For me the performance good enough for daily usage.

Re-run antutu ....getting more....

Quadrant about yours?

Re-run quadrant.....getting less


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