Tuesday, February 19, 2013

N7000XXLSZ Screen Shots

Enjoy XXLSZ screens

XXLSZ Germany....default Deuche language...change to English

Default home screens...

Default Apps....full of bloatware and Germany apps.. No worry you can delete/disable it..
Notification Panel: able to rearrange or remove notification panel shortcuts... This option not available in ZSLM5 (Hong Kong version)

Page buddy setting. Not available in ZSLM5, but the process running at the background.

 Yes. I use that 5 shortcuts only
 Page buddy options.
Missing shortcuts for lock screen. Available in ZSLM5. Wait for XXLSZ mod. Should be easily ported over.

Multi-windows working fine. Press back button + hold to activate it.

Pop-up note on camera....

How to ROOT?
-ROOT it using PhilZ-cwm6-XXLSZ-OXA-4.63-signed.zip 
-Load it using Stock Recovery

XXLSZ and Rooted using ZSLM5. Wait for updated Philz....

More fonts to choose.

More languages.....check out yours...


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