Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ThaiDai Small v1.1+Dark Mini Theme+Eybee Tweak+CrossBreeder

The best setup I have for now. GT-N7000XXLSZ. XXLSZ is a Germany version.

ThaiDai Small v1.1 + Dark Mini Theme + Eybee Tweak + CrossBreeder (NEW!)

Simple. Stable. Fast. Smooth. Good Battery Life.

Low memory usage after Eybee Tweak.
Minimum running services....

Continue reading eybee tweak and mod, trinev theme and majdinj here

Adding CrossBreeder. TQ Eybee for the suggestion and link.

Download it here:
CrossBreeder_2.26.13.zip and CrossBreeder_Uninstall.zip

How to Install it?
-Flash it via CWM.
-Flash CrossBreeder_Uninstall if you had install any before.

Before  CrossBreeder: 7581

Since we can't measure how fast before and after the changes, I'm using Antutu for that. Basically both FAST!

Getting FASTER!

Frankly speaking...internet related apps do load faster.

What it does?
  • Cool new feature. Neat Adblock. No more ugly 'Page not found' errors in your pages instead of your ads.
  • More memory utilization
  • Memory utilisation less than halved.
  • DNS related improvements. 
  • Haveged logic improvements. 
  • Rate of change of entropy logic added. 
  • UI more snappy. 
  • Changes to auto start-up logic. 
  • Tether fix and boost
How they do it?
1. It's a big new feature, removal of DNS lag
2. Change wakeup threshold kernel parameters so read blocks are released instantly and write blocks remain as we have an external entropy generator.
3. Modulate OS entropy levels for lag reduction ala Seeder
4. Remove /dev/random as it's blocking
5. Frandom support


  1. how do i get and install crossbreeder

    1. check out above....updated...