Sunday, August 28, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin

Happy Holiday and Eidul Fitri.

I will be off for 1 week. Going back to my hometown Grik,Perak, Malaysia.

Waiting for this :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I9000XXJVR DarkyROM R4 Arabic Fix

Thanks to Madmack for the Arabic fix. Check out nice connected Arabic words in the image below. Fix on the facebook and browser.

This is Facebook on browser.
This is Facebook for Android.

I like it. How to do that?

Tested on DarkyROM R4.
  1. Download this and run it via recovery (CWM) and reboot. This will install Right-To-Left support
  2. Download this if you want Arabic support in the Browser, Gmail and Facebook application and run it via recovery (CWM) and reboot.

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Phone APK Force Close in XXJVR Darky R4

I'm having first phone force close in darky rom R4.

This thing happen when I'm browsing internet and received a phone call. After phone call ended, the system will prompt the message above. Hope this will be fix on the release version of darky rom.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to install DarkyROM XXJVR BASE R4

Darky Team just releasing new DarkyROM with complete DEODEX.

What this mean? Means you will have a fast custom ROM and nice theme  :)

Download latest ""

How to install??

1. To make your life easier. Flash DarkyROM v10.2 Extreme/Resurrection Edition first via ODIN. All your data will be WIPED OUT. Please back-up your data.

Download DarkyROM v10.2 RE and how to install, click here

Once you are done with Darky v10.2 go to step 2.

Note: You don't have to worry. Lagfix by default is active/ON. Install Voodoo control to check lagfix

2. Download DarkyROM Tool  and select apps you would like to install (You are in Darky v10.2)

Sample file selections to be installed

3. Copy the downloaded ZIP file into your SD Card. In DarkyROM tool, click Flash/Install File from SDCARD. Select the file ""


You should have this when you are done

Note: Don't forget to download and install Superuser. By default it's not installed. Then you can use apps that need root access.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blockbuster 4.0 JVR screens

Nice screen but not stable. Not recommended.

 Before loading blockbuster
 After. Almost the same. Gallery removed. Need to install Gallery 3D separately

 After install blockbuster and update galaxian to SP5. Default is SP1

 Black notification
 Black setting
 Even phone. All Black
Quadrant?? Not so fast.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to install ODEXED Battery Mod + Extended Power Menu + CRT-Off

Coming soon See below for your I9000XXJVR ROM...

Teaser image
Before. No battery % on the status bar
 AFTER. Battery %
Extended Menu when pressing Power Button

CRT-Off (TV off effect). Set Display >Animation >Some animation / All animations

How to do that?

1. Download this
2. Copy "" into your phone SD card
3. Reboot recovery
4. Select ZIP file and install

Reboot and enjoy your battery %, extended power menu and CRT-off

You might want to fix auto brightness problem on your phone as well. Download this and execute it in recovery mode.

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I9000XXJVR Stock, GingerReal, DarkyROM and MIUI

After using I9000XXJVR Stock, GingerReal, DarkyROM and's clear for now I9000XXJVR Stock with a bit injection is the WINNER. Stable and Fast. Currently custom rom far from having stable version due to ODEX and DEODEX problem.

My suggestion you should have this while waiting for stable GingerReal, DarkyROM or MIUI

With a few steps below would make you happy :)

  1. How to install I9000XXJVR Stock 

  2. How to root I9000XXJVR stock

  3. How to enable lagfix/ext4 for I9000XXJVR


Coming soon, I will show you how to add battery % on the status bar, CRT-Off and extended power button while maintaining close enough to stock, FAST and STABLE... After the break

Monday, August 15, 2011

How to install MIUI 1.8.12

Download MIUI 1.8.12 here

What do you need before flashing this ROM?
1. You must be in the Gingerbread version (2.3)
2. Have recovery mode installed (Home+Volume UP+Power)

If you don't have this I recommend you install DarkyROM since it's Gingerbread, rooted and have CWM pre-installed.

How to install DarkyROM, click here

Note: All you apps will be wipe-out

Once you have Gingerbread in your phone, rooted and CWM available. You may flash to MIUI now.
1. Copy "" to your "/mnt/sdcard" folder
2. Reboot recovery (HOME+Volume UP+Power button)
3. Select ZIP file to install (optional to clear cache and dalvik. Do it if you like fresh)
4. Sit back and relax...

You should have this when you are done.

 Screen capture using shootme

Have a nice screen :)

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Friday, August 12, 2011

How to enable lagfix/ext4 for I9000XXJVR

Download this

Copy the APK into your SD card and run it. It will install apps with the name ext4.

You might have problem where the ext4 manager will tell you that your system is out of storage when it tried to restore. What should I do? Clear system storage by removing a few Samsung apps using Nitrality. Download here. Once you get "/System" nearly 6MB FREE your ext4 manager should be able convert your files to ext4.

Remove/Uninstall Aldiko and AllShare. Samsung Apps to FREE some system space.

 5.2MB FREE. Ready to convert to EXT4. Run ext4 and Click on "Convert to ext4"
Once you have successfully convert your file system to ext4, you should see something like above. All in ext4 format.

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 Good Luck.

How to change modem to I9000ZSJPG

Some people said I9000ZSJPG consume good battery. Let's try. Because some modem handle good wifi and 3G connection. Previously I'm using XXJVR that come with the stock.

Download modem here

1. Copy "" to your SD card folder "mnt/sdcard"
2. Reboot recovery
3. Select Install ZIP file

Note: Usually I'm clearing Dalvik and Cache after that. Just to make sure I'm clean. but do NOT factory reset

Check out your baseband. It's ZSJPG now. Let's see how's it consume battery ... as we know battery mostly consume by Display and WIFI.

ZS is letter code for China and Hong Kong
XX: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to root I9000XXJVR stock

How to Root XXJVR Stock using CF-ROOT?

Download CF-Root here

Run ODIN. Make sure your phone in Download Mode (Volume Down+Home+Power).

Connect the USB

Make sure DO NOT check re-partition. Load "CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVR-v4.1-CWM3RFS.tar" into PDA.
Click Start. Sit back and RELAX. You XXJVR will be ROOTED!

Good Luck... If you love reading...continue reading here

Do you want to apply lagfix/ext4?..... see you in the next post.... after the break
To give you some hint what you will get. Quadrant after lagfix on the XXJVR stock...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How to save system wallpaper

Would like to save system wallpaper to your gallery?

Download this Wallpaper set and save

You will be able to save all system wallpapers to you gallery and transfer it to any storage for later use or as a backup before flashing to another ROM. But a little bit tedious. You have to do it one-by-one. Set the system wallpaper as your wallpaper and save it.

Do you have any other tools which can do it much faster? Save ALL systems wallpaper?

How to install I9000XXJVR Stock

I9000XXJVR from samfirmware. Download here

Attention: Kill all KIES process running on your windows. Check out Task Manager. Odin will fail if KIES services running.

Extract ZIP file downloaded. password: Run ODIN. See screen above for file selection.
Phone in the download mode. Volume Down+Home+Power

Click Start...

Not more than 5 minutes. Done. You are upgraded to latest ROM 2.3.4 from Samsung leak STOCK.

 Default home
Power Off Menu

Smooth android browsing, scrolling and file gallery display/file display. Good enough for normal user who complain that their phone running slow in previous android version :)
Quadrant: 1427. Just nice...
As usual, you will lost your APN setting due to this ROM is mainly for Europe. You need to create you own APN base on your local service provider.

Maxis APN
Celcom APN

You wan to ROOT your stock and close enough to stock....wait....I will show you in the next post....after the break...