Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I9000XXJVR Stock, GingerReal, DarkyROM and MIUI

After using I9000XXJVR Stock, GingerReal, DarkyROM and MIUI..it's clear for now I9000XXJVR Stock with a bit injection is the WINNER. Stable and Fast. Currently custom rom far from having stable version due to ODEX and DEODEX problem.

My suggestion you should have this while waiting for stable GingerReal, DarkyROM or MIUI

With a few steps below would make you happy :)

  1. How to install I9000XXJVR Stock 

  2. How to root I9000XXJVR stock

  3. How to enable lagfix/ext4 for I9000XXJVR


Coming soon, I will show you how to add battery % on the status bar, CRT-Off and extended power button while maintaining close enough to stock, FAST and STABLE... After the break

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