Saturday, August 06, 2011

Download Darkcore and Semaphore kernel

Experiment DarkyROM with Darkcore and Semaphore kernel




New semaphore JVR_1.5.0: Download here
- Patched with the latest Samsung kernel sources.
- Auto brightness is working now.
- Voodoo color (in JVR_1.5.0v)

Base: DarkyROM v10.2 RE (2.3.4 JVQ)

Tool required: SGS Kernel Flasher

 BEFORE. DarkCore 2.9.2
AFTER. Semaphore 1.4.2
Semaphore quadrant...not much different

Now semaphore JVR 1.5.0v (version with voodoo color)

Quadrant become lower...mmm

I have no problem flashing it.... :) Simple activity while waiting for release version from DarkyROM or GingerReal..

Good luck :)

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