Thursday, August 04, 2011

Download I9000 custom ROM and kernel

Galaxy S I9000 custom ROM list that I like and I had tried.. order by my preference :)

Stable and active custom ROM (Rooted)
  1. DarkyROM v10.2 Final 
  2. GingerReal V7.1.4 . Extreme Stability and Speed
  3. [ROM][03/08] MIUI+ by Decalc & Mothatt - 1.7.29 v5 released
  4. [ROM][S.U.R.F.A.C.E. v3.0] *JVR* Sam's Ultra-lite ROM Fast And Completely Expandable
  5. [ROM][F1 Galaxy S II V6 - SP1][Look & Feel Of Galaxy S II][6-30-11]

Stable and active kernel
  1. [Kernel] Semaphore 1.4.0 JVH,P,Q, JVR (CF-Root + Voodoo Sound v10 + OC/UV + BLN)
  2. [Kernel][I9000][I897] DarkCore 2.9+
  3. [KERNEL][JVB][OC/UV]Talon Kernel Alpha v0.1.4
  4. [KERNEL] SpeedMod Gingerbread [K15H-T24 COLOR EXT4 CWM STABLE]
  5. [KERNEL][CM7/MIUI] 27/04,platypus,Voodoo SOUND&COLOR,OC/UV,SLQB,LED notif,NODEBUG

1. Rom is like the software your phone runs on -- such as themes , fonts etc

2. Kernel is what the phone manages its power from. it controls the power and battery on your phone.


  1. nak kena flash rom dulu then baru kernel or kernel dulu baru rom?

  2. Mesti ada ROM dulu baru kernel.. kernel ramai xda team develop for rooting and performance.

  3. aku tak paham lansung la.
    aku dah download ro miui dgn darky 9.5 extreme
    aku punya fon i9000 dng 2.3.5 gingerbread.
    pastu aku nak buat mcm mana bleh tak tlg aku
    kebanyakan site english dn aku tak bape paham la.boleh ajar tak?