Friday, March 30, 2012

Battery % for Stock N7000DXLC2 (ODEX)

If you feel tired (just like me) of moving from Menu Settings > About > Status to look for current battery percentage in number, you can download and load my cooking battery %.

Why can't Google make this as and option in the settings? Display % [Y/N]

Just cook my own battery percentage for my Galaxy Note N7000DXLC2 since I can't find any in XDA.

Download and load it via Recovery (CWM). DONE. You will have battery percentage and Roboto FONT as a bonus :) on Google Docs

You can cook your favorite theme here

If you just wonder what I'm doing with my Kernel. You may download SpeedMod here. SpeedMod available in TAR format for Mobile ODIN and ZIP format for CWM recovery. I prefer TAR and load via Mobile Odin.

SpeedMod smooth and stabe. Balance of battery usage and performance.

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Google+ problem with DEODEX

Seems like Google+ having problem in the DEODEX mode. You have to be ODEX to make it run smoothly. I have expericence a few force close (FC) when using Google+ with Auto Upload on my DEODEX mode.

If you plan to root your Galaxy Note and using Google+, stay ODEX.

What should I have

If you would like to ROOT you Galaxy Note or Install custom ROM, my advice you should have an external storage to keep your kernel or software handy and fast access.

Look what I have...That why I can flash any time and I can recover it without worry..

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally DEODEX DXLC2+ROOT+CWM+SpeedMod+ICS Domination

Finally DEODEX DXLC2 + ROOT + CWM + SpeedMod K1-5 + ICS Domination v1.1

Super smooth and stable.

-Browser dropdown list bugs still there.

How to install DEODEX DXLC2+ROOT

You don't have to worry about yellow traingle or binary counter. It's SAFE! It's NO WIPE.

What should I do?
1. Download this DEODEX DXLC2+ROOT
2. Run Desktop ODIN

Before. PDA only!
DO NOT re-partition

After. DONE

You should have this. ROOT+DEODEX.

Why should I install this DEODEX?
Because I need to install Theme. Since most ofthe theme develop for DEODEX only.

I'm stock from previous version. Can I load this?
Yes. You can and it's NO WIPE

I have root+CWM. Can I load this?
Yes. But your Superuser will be REMOVED (replace by this installed version) and CWM will be REMOVED. You may wait for CF-ROOT kernel for DXLC2 ROOT+CWM or just load CF-Root XXLC1 kernel. It's works!

 Loading CF-ROOT XXLC1 kernel via Mobile ODIN

Kernel changed to XXLC1. No problemo.

Continue reading related to DEODEX DXLC2+ROOT and CF-ROOT

How to Install N7000DXLC2+ROOT

Same process with new download file. To continue installing ODEX N7000DXLC2 + ROOT click here

Download Midnote 2.1

If you are having difficulties to download Midnote 2.1 You may download it from my Public Dropbox

My Dropbox
1. Download in one ZIP file.
2. Download gapps7.1

My Google Docs
1. Download in one ZIP file
2. Download gapps 7.1

Fail to download
1.  MIDNOTE2.1_BASE.tar

1. Complete set of MIDNOTE 2.1, download here or here

Google generate this error "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. "

 Anyone have alternative download area?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to install N7000DXLC2 via Mobile Odin

Have you download N7000DXLC2? If not download it first.


1. Open file... "N7000DXLC2_N7000OLBLC2_N7000DXLC1_HOME.tar.md5" and Verify MD5 on your Mobile Odin

You should see this
And SET this
2. Then click [Flash firmware]
3. Sit back and relax. Lets Mobile ODIN do it's job. DONE
Finally, you should have this.



-ICS Domination v1.1 GONE (WIPE OUT)

-Speedmod K1-5 GONE (WIPE OUT).

-RTL or Arabic Patch GONE

Application Drawer Screens..
 SIM EasyAccess UPDATED. Since I'm moving from Europe Baseband to Malaysia baseband

Deluxe Setting GONE. It's ICS Domination file.

Seems like all apps and data back to stock ODEX. Means I can't load ICS Domination and RTL patch :(
huhuhuhuhu.... have to wait for DXLC2 DEODEX.

1. Phone log, Faster Camera, Google+ and browser
2. No shutter sound when silent mode

Download N7000DXLC2

Latest firmware  N7000DXLC2. Download

Now is Asian turn to get latest update. Singapore and Malaysia. Yesss.


Model : GT-N7000 (Galaxy Note)
PDA : N7000DXLC2
Version : Gingerbread 2.3.6
Country/Carrier : Malaysia XME
Release Date : March 2012
Modified: 2012-03-20

Let's create the changelog...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Browser Dropdown list crash on ICS DOMINATION v1.1

Tested on Stock Browser and Dolphin browser, both crash on the dropdown list test.

Open this site on your android browser


Click on the Dropdown

#Sun Mar 25 10:05:28 GMT+08:00 2012

Time=2 Mar 2012 05\:38\:11 GMT
java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.CheckedTextView
at android.webkit.WebView$
at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
--------------Installed addons--------------

How about you? Crash on dropdown? Firmware/Kernel version?

My Steps:
1. Install DEODEX XXLC1 from asi9000
2. Install CF-Root + CWM
3. Install ICS Domination v1.1
4. Install SpeedMod K1-5

I tried to re-install DEODEX XXLC1 from asi9000 and NO dropdown list problem.
Re-install ICS Domination v1.1. Dropdown list problem happen.
Anyway, this is a small problem..for now we can live with it.... (very minor problem)


-For now we have to wait for JKay and ICS Domination update for XXLC1

Friday, March 23, 2012


Confirm you may load ICE CREAM SANDWICH DOMINATION v1.1 on your DEODEX XXLC1.

You can use asi9000 DEODEX XXLC1 to load ICS DOMINATION

How to load ICS Domination and complete screen click here

How to enable ARABIC on XXLC1 DEODEX

How to read proper JAWI or ARABIC on XXLC1?

1. Make sure you are DEODEX. Read here to see whether you are ODEX or DEODEX
2. Download this and load via CWM

DONE! :)

Continue reading here


Would like to move from ODEX+ROOTED XXLC1 to DEODEX+ROOTED XXLC1 and keep all your apps and data?

This is how to do it.

1. You need to have Mobile Odin Pro
2. Download this DEODEX XXLC1 and extract the file
3. Copy "CODE_N7000XXLC1_ROOT_DEODEX_BL.tar.md5" into your phone
4. Run Mobile Odin Pro
Select "CODE_N7000XXLC1_ROOT_DEODEX_BL.tar.md5" for "System" and "Hidden" as image above.

Un-check "Enable EverRoot" since you already rooted and CWM.
**Maybe we need to check it to keep CWM. Haven't tested.

5. Click [Flash firmware]. System will restart and DEODEX XXLC1 will be installed.


How to make sure I'm DEODEX?
You don't have .ODEX file inside you "System/App" folder.


DEODEX lets you to modify the system, especially THEME
Developers most of the time choose DEODEX rom for their custom rom
DEODEX will allow you to modify APK file

ODEX files quickly build dalvik cache. Shorter boot time
DEODEX take longer time for the first time boot time. Not after that
DEODEX you could patch your RTL. Mean you could read ARABIC on GNote

For a casual user like me, the main implication is in theming possibilities. Themes for android come in APKs too, and if you want to modify any of those, you should always choose a dedoexed custom ROM.

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Just notice CWM is gone. You need to reload via Mobile ODIN
After that you will get back your SuperSu and CWM


All is related to XXLC1. Do not interchange it from other version.

GALAXY Note Premium Suite with Ice Cream Sandwich

It's coming this year Q2. Means between April to June.

With this, Galaxy Note will be far-far better than the rest. You will feel lucky to have Galaxy Note. With the power that it has, just nice big screen and S-Pen, that the way moving forward.

Galaxy Note S-Note with a lots of template to play with and you could share:
  1. Note
  2. Meeting Note
  3. Sketch Book
  4. Dairy
  5. Magazine
  6. Travel
  7. Card
  8. Receipe
Auto straight you drawn line and complex math.
Currently you can do it by doing the steps above (It's difficult to me).

Finally, what you will have?
  1. S Note
  2. S Memo Upgrade
  3. My Story
  4. ICS OS
Worth it for the delay.....

Language supported for XXLC1

Have you wonder what language supported in XXLC1? See image below for the language list.

 Someone asking from previous post....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to install XXLC1 or DXLC2 and ROOTED

Would like to have your Galaxy Note installed with pre-rooted ROM? You may installed it using PC ODIN without to worry about yellow triangle or binary counter.

Your stock rom is ODEX. Means this ROM just like your orignal ROM but ROOTED. It can be done via PC ODIN now. All original apps still intact no worry. Just like new.

What to do?
Download ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000XXLC1 (Open Europe)
Download ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000DXLC2 (Malaysia) (**NEW**)

2. RUN PC ODIN and fill in all the required files
PIT and all 3 files will FULL WIPE. You will have clean and fresh phone. I like this. A fresh phone and install back my favorite apps

If you hate to install new apps. Try this. Load PDA only for NO-WIPE. Do this if you are currently on the same firmware version. Stock XXLC1.

3. At the end of the process you will have ODEX + ROOT.

-If bootloop (In case you are coming from ICS). Reboot recovery and flash data, cache and dalvik.

Do you need CWM? What is CWM?
CWM is a mode where you could do system backup and flash custom ROM.

1. Download Mobile ODIN
2. Download
3. Load CF-Root kernel using Mobile Odin

At the end of this process you should have ODEX XXLC1 + Root + CWM

You might need to install SuperSu and CWM Manually.

 BONUS. Would like to have battery percentage display on the status bar?
1. Download this from my dropbox
2. Copy  it into your internal storage
3. Reboot recovery
4. Flash the ZIP file via recovery

At the end of the process you will have battery percentage displayed. You don't have to go thru Setting>About>Status anymore to view battery percentage.

This is far better than using widget. Save your battery.

Continue reading ODEX PRE-ROOTED here and CF-Root here