Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jelly Bean 4.2 Keyboard

Keyboard and slide your finger

Just like any other apps like swiftkey, moving your finger on top of the keyboard alphabet to type seems like faster. 

Good for English typing with comprehensive dictionary. Space added automatically.

For Malay typing not so good but better. Press back button to get original text typed. Anyway, you could always disable the dictionary.

Would like to have it on your android phone? Download Jelly Bean 4.2 Keyboard APK here

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Galaxy Note XXLRT with S3 Dailer

Would like to have Galaxy S3 dailer on your Galaxy Note ICS 4.0.4 XXLRT?

I will show you how later. See images below.

>You need to be ROOTED!
>You need to have Root Explorer
How to do it?
1. Rename original Contacts.apk to Contacts.apk1
2. Paste Contacts-s3.apk downloaded and Rename to Contacts.apk
3. Change permission until you get rw-r--r-- (means owner have extra permission)
3. Move Contacts.odex to your backup area.
4. Reboot. DONE!

Make sure you have click Mount R/W to Mount R/O, else you will fail to copy/rename/move file.

Download this Contacts-s3.apk

Galaxy Note Battery. Phone Flickering and Switch Off

Sometime your phone flickering and suddenly switch off? Your phone show 20%, 30% or event 50% battery left but still it flickering and switch off? Clean battery stat...problem still there... mmmm... read my story below :)

My Galaxy Note battery out of shape due to over charge or over heating. Most of the time I'm leaving it overnight to charge. That the main reason why my battery have bump and out of shape (like a pregnant lady). When I close the battery back door I could feel it's not tight as new.

So, I just buy a new original one. Same replacement for RM109 at GIANT supermarket sell by Nokia small shops inside Giant. 3 month warranty.

You could see the middle part bump a bit. You could easily spin the battery :)

Symptom on your phone will be flickering and phone suddenly switch off even though it shows 30 or 40% battery left. Clean battery stat will not help....

GET A NEW BATTERY!  and make sure it's original.... :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Galaxy Note Jelly Bean XXLS2 SCREENS

Stock Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Screens XXLS2

XXLS2 leaked
phone dailer
nicer keyboard
s-planner widget

more settings selections

More toggles but not configurable

widgets selections

apps list
calendar widget before login to gmail acct

apps list st 1page

notification..more info avail
home screen available in 2 modes
supersu pre-installed

 alarm with background color
 lock screen...have water effect
 pop-up browser. s-pen can't screen capture pop-up browser. photo taken using iPhone 4s :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Samsung Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note N7000XXLS2

Windows get updated to Windows 8 today, so are we Galaxy Note user. I have downloaded it but have not upgrade my Note yet since today is our our  Eid al-Adha. XLS2 is Jelly Bean.

WARNING! This seems like beta version. Not for beginner.

Direct Download link to N7000XLS2:

Continue reading related to N7000XXLS2 Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note here

How to install
1. Make sure you are ROOTED ICS-ROM or JB-ROM
2. My recommendation you have PhilZ kernel (brickfree kernel)
3. Copy JB ROM to your USB-storage
4. Boot into Recovery
5. FullWipe (Format data/cache/dalvik). Do this before fashing the JB ROM and NOT after flashing!
6. Flash JB ROM. At the end of the process it will reboot
7. After reboot, immediately apply Fix Root issue below if your SuperSU fail to update binary.

Bugs Fixes:
1. Fix Root issue: Flash it via recovery with dalvik and cache wipes. If you have SuperSU binary update problem.

2. SMS Bugs Fix here
Delete secmms.apk and secmms.odex from system/app using any explorer like root browser and copy the above file and set permissions as (644)

More Bugs Fixes:
The fix for getting Pen settings in the Settings Menu is provided in this thread by hara74:

The fix for sms app leaving your last message in the text box is provided by DooMeDboY93:

The fix for no photoeditor (and other stuff) is provided by rogconnect:

The fix for secure exchange email is provided by Barracuda77777:

Status Update:
  • SMS-App (text now won't stay in input field anymore)-OK
  • Settings (now shows SPen-option)-OK
  • Root (now fully working - you might have to open SU app after flashing and update binaries)

  • This ROM is complete Stock XXLS2 Samsung JellyBean. It is CWMflashable and rooted and it is smooth and stable!
  • Since this is too early version (BETA), please refer to stock XLS2 or Rocket ROM (the same developer eybee) if you have any problem.

Windows 8
To upgrade your PC to Windows 8, click here :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on your GNote

From another ROOTED Jelly Bean or ICS Rom

1. Download Slim-gt-n7000-2.7.0-OFFICIAL
2. Download Slim GApps
3. Copy both files into your External SD
4. Reboot recovery (Volume Up + Home + Power)
5. Wipe data
6. Mount Storage > Format system
7. Flash Slim-gt-n7000-2.7.0-OFFICIAL (Do NOT reboot)
8. Flash Slim GApps
9. Reboot. DONE!

-Recommended your are from safe kernel such as PhilZ, SpeedMod or NoteCore/HydraCore
-You will not have S-PEN features. 

Continue reading here

For better battery life:
1. Download
2. Copy ZIP file to your external SD
2. Flash via recovery
3. Reboob. DONE!

-Don't have to clear data/format factory after flash updated kernel

CM10 updated kernel, continue reading here