Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Galaxy Note Battery. Phone Flickering and Switch Off

Sometime your phone flickering and suddenly switch off? Your phone show 20%, 30% or event 50% battery left but still it flickering and switch off? Clean battery stat...problem still there... mmmm... read my story below :)

My Galaxy Note battery out of shape due to over charge or over heating. Most of the time I'm leaving it overnight to charge. That the main reason why my battery have bump and out of shape (like a pregnant lady). When I close the battery back door I could feel it's not tight as new.

So, I just buy a new original one. Same replacement for RM109 at GIANT supermarket sell by Nokia small shops inside Giant. 3 month warranty.

You could see the middle part bump a bit. You could easily spin the battery :)

Symptom on your phone will be flickering and phone suddenly switch off even though it shows 30 or 40% battery left. Clean battery stat will not help....

GET A NEW BATTERY!  and make sure it's original.... :)


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I blame you for it :o)
    Original charger should have IC chip that prevents overcharging . But even that has to work with kernel . And we all have used questionable kernels in the past . Now you have something to spin on the table while you wait for flashing to finish :o)))

    1. LOL...now spinning it...

      I'm charging using my phone...not using external charger..

      may be the kernel..did not stop charging even when it 100%....can't remember which kernel :)

  2. Bro, same happened to me. I bought at Plaza Samsung Federal Highway for rm114. 6mths warranty.

    1. 5 ringgits extra get 3 more months warranty.. cool :)

  3. bought mine in hongkong with a made by samsung on it. same problem.. better just buy an iphone

  4. My phone also same problem... It auto switch off at 30% battery itself. how to fix this?

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