Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Slim :)

Are you fit enough? I'm slim :)

more coming

 Very slim...

Notification area

After 10 minutes, I'm back to my normal business :)

 No Picasa option in the select Album

Picase Web Album enable. Able to upload photo to Picasa but can't view in Gallery.
Updated Gallery2 to GalleryGoogle, but still the same. No Picasa selection in Album.

Language Supported

It's a lot. I just captured some.

How to make the screen shots in Slim Bean?
Hold Volume Down + Power Button until it's captured the screen (approx. 2 secs)

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  1. bro jj...boleh x wat tutorial mcm mana nak flash rom nie..xbapa paham la..tambah lagi dekat kernal...tq

    1. jap sedang men-try.... kalau stable...nnt pokcik update how to install

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