Saturday, October 27, 2012

Samsung Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note N7000XXLS2

Windows get updated to Windows 8 today, so are we Galaxy Note user. I have downloaded it but have not upgrade my Note yet since today is our our  Eid al-Adha. XLS2 is Jelly Bean.

WARNING! This seems like beta version. Not for beginner.

Direct Download link to N7000XLS2:

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How to install
1. Make sure you are ROOTED ICS-ROM or JB-ROM
2. My recommendation you have PhilZ kernel (brickfree kernel)
3. Copy JB ROM to your USB-storage
4. Boot into Recovery
5. FullWipe (Format data/cache/dalvik). Do this before fashing the JB ROM and NOT after flashing!
6. Flash JB ROM. At the end of the process it will reboot
7. After reboot, immediately apply Fix Root issue below if your SuperSU fail to update binary.

Bugs Fixes:
1. Fix Root issue: Flash it via recovery with dalvik and cache wipes. If you have SuperSU binary update problem.

2. SMS Bugs Fix here
Delete secmms.apk and secmms.odex from system/app using any explorer like root browser and copy the above file and set permissions as (644)

More Bugs Fixes:
The fix for getting Pen settings in the Settings Menu is provided in this thread by hara74:

The fix for sms app leaving your last message in the text box is provided by DooMeDboY93:

The fix for no photoeditor (and other stuff) is provided by rogconnect:

The fix for secure exchange email is provided by Barracuda77777:

Status Update:
  • SMS-App (text now won't stay in input field anymore)-OK
  • Settings (now shows SPen-option)-OK
  • Root (now fully working - you might have to open SU app after flashing and update binaries)

  • This ROM is complete Stock XXLS2 Samsung JellyBean. It is CWMflashable and rooted and it is smooth and stable!
  • Since this is too early version (BETA), please refer to stock XLS2 or Rocket ROM (the same developer eybee) if you have any problem.

Windows 8
To upgrade your PC to Windows 8, click here :)


  1. pokcik..kat mana ye link untuk brickfree kernel?..cari xjumpa la..

    1. brick free kernel mcm speedmod k13-3, notecore/hydracore, philz or cf-root kernel.

      i prefer philz.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Dah try tapi kurang stabil. Kadang2 hangout.. slim bean or paranoid terbaik.

    1. ha'ah....mcm beta version....tak sesuai utk release for normal user/daiy usage

  3. note saya stuck at factoryfs.img...ada cara x nak flash rom balik...minx tolong sangat2...

    1. you should check md5 if you hv bad network.

      stuck at factory...need to get to download mode again (remove battery) and flash any ICS stock rom using PC ODIN.

    2. mcm mna ye bro jj step dia?..dah try banyak kali tp still xboleh..

    3. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Your phone are in brick... big big problem bro... Try baca & follow steps forum XDA d bawah..

    4. tq bro..dah solve..flash firmware dengan pit file sekali..problom solve..

    5. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Bro Nasry... Cuba check internal hardisk tinggal berapa 16GB or less?

  4. Anonymous9:54 PM

    salam..abg JJ..boleh letak gamba tak camna nak install?..tak berapa faham la cara2 install yg tulis kat xda tu...thanks

    1. tak stabil...tunggu a few version update/bugs fixes in a file.

      mcm beta upgrade je....tak sesuai for daily use.

    2. tunggu saja official firmware dari samsung. kebanyakkan firmware developers tak function S Pen. Rugi la beli note kalau tak dapat guna function S Pen. Samsung pun baru release S Pen SDK kepada developers.

    3. yg ni s-pen fully function...tapi banyak bugs...asik fc

  5. bro s memo xde la. lain2 semua ok der . cane nak buat yo

    1. s memo and snote fc.... kita tunggu tuan tanah baiki.... ini kira BETA...too early for normal user.

  6. Anonymous7:36 AM

    JJ, bleh x upload balik file sms fix tu?

    1. download here SMS Fix here

  7. Anonymous10:50 AM

    thanks for sharing.

  8. dah cuba.... SKYPE video call not working... so far...

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