Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Galaxy Note XXLRT with S3 Dailer

Would like to have Galaxy S3 dailer on your Galaxy Note ICS 4.0.4 XXLRT?

I will show you how later. See images below.

>You need to be ROOTED!
>You need to have Root Explorer
How to do it?
1. Rename original Contacts.apk to Contacts.apk1
2. Paste Contacts-s3.apk downloaded and Rename to Contacts.apk
3. Change permission until you get rw-r--r-- (means owner have extra permission)
3. Move Contacts.odex to your backup area.
4. Reboot. DONE!

Make sure you have click Mount R/W to Mount R/O, else you will fail to copy/rename/move file.

Download this Contacts-s3.apk


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