Friday, March 30, 2012

What should I have

If you would like to ROOT you Galaxy Note or Install custom ROM, my advice you should have an external storage to keep your kernel or software handy and fast access.

Look what I have...That why I can flash any time and I can recover it without worry..


  1. yes... what you have almost the same. But ada current maps 6.4 onwhere...

    Franco kernel saya tak der..
    ICS domination pun tak der....


    1. yang ada tanda2 je bro..yg lain tu lama nyer cerita..saja je simpan...

      senang kata...ada external senang...lepas flash/factory reset..boleh recover balik apa2 yg perlu... ada juga yg suka titanuim backup..

  2. tul tu.... tapi apa bezanya main stock rom dengan rom lain yang ada macam darky rom etc?? Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan?

  3. Daniel N.4:47 PM

    Hi JJ - Good day to you, Thanks a lot for the posting, it's very helpful.
    One thing, I'd like to ask you regarding to Mobile Odin pro, how can we downgrade to V2.25 ?
    I bought, and I got v2.30 which I cannot carry forward the CWM.

    Kindly ask please your advice?

    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards,
    Daniel N.

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Hi Daniel,

    I previously had installed Mobile Odin Lite v2.30. To be able to use Mobile Odin Pro v2.25, I just removed (unistalled) Mobile Odin Lite v2.30 and installed MOP v2.25.

    Work as charm. Maybe u can try that too..

  5. Daniel N.2:06 PM

    Hi - Thanks a lot for the feedback. If I un-install and re-install it via Google play, won't I get the latest version back to my device?

    How can I set in the google that I want to download the older version instead of the latest version?

    Thanks a lot,

    Best regards,
    Daniel N.