Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to install XXLC1 or DXLC2 and ROOTED

Would like to have your Galaxy Note installed with pre-rooted ROM? You may installed it using PC ODIN without to worry about yellow triangle or binary counter.

Your stock rom is ODEX. Means this ROM just like your orignal ROM but ROOTED. It can be done via PC ODIN now. All original apps still intact no worry. Just like new.

What to do?
Download ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000XXLC1 (Open Europe)
Download ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000DXLC2 (Malaysia) (**NEW**)

2. RUN PC ODIN and fill in all the required files
PIT and all 3 files will FULL WIPE. You will have clean and fresh phone. I like this. A fresh phone and install back my favorite apps

If you hate to install new apps. Try this. Load PDA only for NO-WIPE. Do this if you are currently on the same firmware version. Stock XXLC1.

3. At the end of the process you will have ODEX + ROOT.

-If bootloop (In case you are coming from ICS). Reboot recovery and flash data, cache and dalvik.

Do you need CWM? What is CWM?
CWM is a mode where you could do system backup and flash custom ROM.

1. Download Mobile ODIN
2. Download
3. Load CF-Root kernel using Mobile Odin

At the end of this process you should have ODEX XXLC1 + Root + CWM

You might need to install SuperSu and CWM Manually.

 BONUS. Would like to have battery percentage display on the status bar?
1. Download this from my dropbox
2. Copy  it into your internal storage
3. Reboot recovery
4. Flash the ZIP file via recovery

At the end of the process you will have battery percentage displayed. You don't have to go thru Setting>About>Status anymore to view battery percentage.

This is far better than using widget. Save your battery.

Continue reading ODEX PRE-ROOTED here and CF-Root here


  1. you tell me if this rom has Portuguese-br

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    bro, mobile odin tu mintak install add on file.. flashkernel ke?

  3. Tu add on mobile odin. Super Su

  4. Ko tengok comment ics screen on my note post. Situ aku bagi mobile odin pro link

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Download ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000DXLC2 (Malaysia) (**NEW**): the link to hotfile is not available.

    is this link: Download, from chainfire is the same.

  6. Anonymous8:30 PM

    sorry, my bad. download ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000DXLC2 (Malaysia) (**NEW**) is available. My browser cache issue... downloading now.

  7. Can I install CWM later if I choose ODEX PRE ROOTED N7000DXLC2 (Malaysia)?
    I need Bahasa Melayu auto correct.

  8. yes. bila dah root. apo pun buleh :)
    DX=Malaysia/asia tenggara version

  9. Anonymous7:39 PM

    downloaded the malaysia, but its not pre-rooted

  10. Anonymous2:04 PM

    mcm mana la aku nak root ni,,,xreti2,,pening da aku baca sbb byk sgt....aku br je update LC2 officially...nk root...risau jahanam lak...sbb xpasti...

  11. Anonymous4:48 PM

    what is the Re-Partition in Odin for?

    1. Anonymous1:21 PM

      If you ticked that you will be in big trouble...

  12. Anonymous8:36 PM

    nak kena download dua2 file europe dgn malaysia ke atau hanya malaysia punya saja?

  13. Anonymous3:22 PM

    kalau dah rooted, boleh back to stock rom tak?

  14. Anonymous3:20 PM

    kat mana nak dpt PIT file tu?

    1. ambik sini

  15. rebooto4:15 PM

    i think you DXLC2 link is wrong which is linking the stock LC2 rom. This should be the link to DXLC2 rom + root

    correct me if i'm wrong

  16. Anonymous10:03 AM

    DXLC1 bkn pre rooted pun... adoi..

  17. Anonymous1:02 PM

    thanks rebooto..already install the DXLC2..confirm 100% pre-root stock rom.

  18. Anonymous6:08 PM

    can i still root if im on stock dxlc2?

  19. Anonymous10:10 PM

    if i am jpla1 can i just load xxlc1 PDA or i have to completely wipe, do i have to stick with jp only or i install xxlc and still get arabic support