Wednesday, February 13, 2013

N7000ZSLM5 Screen Shots

Enjoy the screen shots of ZSLM5.

Lock Screen. Capture using screen capture software (Root required). S-Pen unable to capture it.
S-Pen screen capture works normally on others screen

How to make screen shot using S-Pen?
Press button on S-Pen + Hold + Press pen tip on screen + Release S-Pen button

Default screens

Default apps. NO BLOATWARE like Chinese apps and stuff like that! Only Samsung apps.

 ROOT it using (Google Drive)

Limited language selection

You can't change, re-arrange or remove notification panel buttons

Second page scroll

Multi-window works

Airview on Gallery still not working.

Airview on Gallery Solution:
1. Download
2. Download

Load both files in CWM and reboot. Should fix Airview.

Note: ROOT is required. Use Philz kernel CWM included.

Continue reading here
Airview no problem on Video Player. Screen capture software unable to capture moving video image.

Airview on S-Note

No Ink effect

Full lock screen option. This is what you will see..

Minimum running services....delete it if not using.

DISABLE most of the Samsung Apps. If generate error, you should be able to enable it back.

Note: So far I have no problem when disable it.

Keyboard language selections. Check out yours....
 Security. Lock option
 No problem on Google+ Instant Upload setting

 Camera with new focus
Some of the camera setting.

Default memory usage after clear memory
FM Radio works just fine. Malaysia
 Motion option. Do you see something like iOS? But you need to double tap :)


  1. Bro JJ,

    Screenshot via S-Pen does not work?

    1. It works normally.

      You can't make screenshot using s-pen on the lock screen only.

  2. Performance and Battery consumption?
    Compare with XXLSA which better?

    1. Seems like battery and performance about the same.

      A bit faster on the launcher.

      I will log the battery usage start from today.

  3. Tuan...try so mani taim...onli manej to donlod 455mb...i wander where is the rest of de pliss

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