Saturday, April 28, 2012

Litening ROM Note v1.0

Just install Litening ROM Note v1.0 for Galaxy Note N7000. It's a WIPE version. Your apps will be deleted but your data maintain. You need to re-install your apps one-by-one. With google auto restore, you could select which apps to re-install.

Features *Based on original Firmware
*CF-Root kernel
*Blue themed
*Call Recording
*Battery percentage
*Overscroll glow
*Better optimised apk's, framework for more speed and free mem.
*Extended Power menu
*Camera silent
*Large APN list
*Fast GPS lock
*Memory tweak
*Kernel tweaks
*SD card read tweak
*Root + Busybox

You might have problem with the market since after installation you will have old market. Just let's it update or reeboot your phone. Once you get the updated market you will be back as normal.

You still have your CWM/Recover apps here.
Nice app.

SuperSu or Superuser app. You are rooted!

Circle Battery %

Nice blue theme but in term of performance not soo lightning...just like stock LC1.

3882 quadrant standard

Continue reading here

Patch ARABIC with no problem with this. Select RTL Patch for LC1. Flash in recovery.

Added SPEEDMOD as new kernel.

battery usage... heavy youtube watching and reading.


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Do you have any problem connecting with USB to PC with this ROM? My PC now cannot detect my Note. Reinstalling Kies and rebooting Note also no use...

  2. Why do you need KIES? I have not using PC KIES for more than a year. You can use KIES Air to copy files between PC and phone.

    I did my phone backup all to the cloud (email, contacts, docs, photo, etc)

    I dont have to worry about flashing.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      I install kies because of the samsung usb drivers that come with it.. I do transfers of files especially big files like new rom to flash via usb...

  3. was trying to put speedmod after reading this article. While browsing around xda, i found about franco kernel. what is your opinion about franco kernel?...
    Which is better?

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I got 4252 quadrant standard. Does it mean anything? Running with hardcore k2-11 here.

  5. Please help... how to install in ics Taiwan version... thanks

    1. We are moving to ICS... get ICS version...

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