Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to install ICS Stunner

How to install ICS Stunner on Galaxy Note N7000?

You are from Gingerbread with root. This is what you need:

1. ICS LP1 Repack I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK  - Mobile Odin Pro/Mobile Odin Lite.

Open file "I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK.tar"

2. Once reboot. Clear Data/Factory Reset
 This is CWM or sometime people said Reboot Recovery

3. Advance>Reboot Recovery. Then install ZIP files below
4. ICS Stunner - CWM Recovery
5. LP5 modem - CWM Recovery
6. Done

-Do not use LP5 repack
-LP6 modem avail on LP5 modem link
-Copy all the download files into your internal SD card 
-No s-pen usage like stock

How to make screen shot on stunner?
Settings >Euphoria Control>Power Menu Options>Check Show screenshot

Hold Power Button and you will see ScreenShot option

ICS Stunner 1.4.19 Screens. Apps
CWM avail.

SuperSU. Means you are rooted!


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