Friday, September 28, 2012

Android Must Have Apps

If you would like to flash your phone with either stock or custom ROM you should have these apps keep inside your external SD-Card or setting. This is what I did....

1. Calendar and Contacts saved to Google. Go to GMail
2. SMS saved to Google using SMS Backup+
3. Backup your current apps using File Expert (including System Apps)
4. Save your document/note using EverNote
5. Auto upload photo while charging + WiFi using Google+

Others step
-Keep files to ROOT + BusyBox + Safe Kernel + CWM in the external SD-Card
Root Stock Files
Safe Kernel such as NoteCore, HydraCore, SpeedMod

-Copy your related data folder into external SD-Card such as iQuran folder (too big to re-download)
Backup data folders especially the big one

-With this you will have no problem to Format your Internal Storage and the main thing is you need to have EXTERNAL SD-CARD and the best at least same size as your internal.

-Simpler way is using Titanium Backup.
-I'm not using Titanum Backup because I would like to have clean/new app installation
-Titanium Backup sometimes generate issue to your new installed ROM
-You need to login and configure your apps again (If apps did not have backup and restore setting option). Most of the time I need to restore email setting (2 email server only)
-Most of the apps nowadays have the setting save in the cloud such as FlipBoard, EverNote, Dolphin Browser, etc..


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