Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to install Rocket ROM v12 XXKL7

Finally we have a stable and fast custom ROM

Download Rocket ROM v12 here

Changelog ROCKET ROM-V12-KL7

  • Based on official XXKL7 Firmware + Modem KL7
  • DEODEX, zipaligned and rooted
  • Added Multi-CSC
  • Android Version 2.3.6
  • FM-Kernel 1.5
  • Market fixed (purchasing apps / local apps showing up!)
  • Themed as usual with minor modifications
  • Added 1% battery steps
  • Added CRT-OFF
  • Added Extended Powermenu (3 more options: Reboot, Recovery, Download)
  • Added '14 Toggle Status Bar' (individual modifications can be made in App 'Quickpanelsettings' )
  • Some tweaks from pikachu01 (libs + bins from Android 4.0 and some others)
  • Lots of other tweaks + scripts for faster performance, smoother scrolling, better RAM handling
  • Transparent Sammy Weather Widget
  • Automatic zipalign of all system apps on every reboot
  • SIP VoIP Support for Wifi + Data
  • Sony Bravia Mod for better graphic quality (might be nonsense but doesn't harm anything )
  • Build in transition animations in framework
  • Reboot your device twice after flashing ROM!!! (If you are facing bootloop. Just press power button and OFF it)
  • Still bootloop. Clear cache/dalvik and reset factory
  • If you face issue with Gmail not updating in market, delete gmail.apk in /system/app, reboot and then download new gmail from market
1. Downgrade to previous version. N7000XXKL3
3. Flash Rocket v12 from recovery. Wipe cache/dalvik

In progress of downgrading, root+cwm :) DONE

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  1. lol... no root for kl7..on original

  2. ya no root...have to downgrade and root...flash kl7 on top of root via mobile odin...should be ok..

  3. Anonymous4:36 PM

    on KK1(Rooted), boleh terus flash ke?

  4. asal gingerbread...rooted..boleh copy and flash..

    bootloop..just off it.boot recovery..clear cache..factory reset.. reboot again.. should be ok

  5. aclara amigo cuando publiques algo esta rom es para ginger, ics, o jelly bean . hay que ser mas claro porque la gente que recien empiesa en esto de flashear rom no entiende y podes probocarle algun tipo de brick. gracias

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