Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melkco Leather Case for Note

Good Bye Original Samsung Flip Cover... This is the FREE flip cover I get when I purchased the Note at the Pavilion, KL.. It nice, thin with front cover...but not feel very secured...because it's back replace the original cover and it's hard plastic... securely front but not the back.

Just received my Melkco leather case today. Send by JACKY CHAN! Waaaachaaaa... :)

From Hong Kong for my ZSKK1 Hong Kong Firmware version... :)

In the box... Limited Edition

Out from the box. Nice front cover...clean and smooth...Full Leather...hand-made..I think it could last for more than a year...just like my previous Melkco for SGS.

If you pun this on the table, all eyes will be into it.. striking color and nice shape :)

Back cover. You have all the required hole...Buy original...
1. S-Pen
2. Speaker
3. USB
4. Camera and Flash

You don't have to remove the cover to take photo, charge or take out the S-Pen...

The inside cover have a smooth material to protect the phone...
Flip UP and DOWN.

Feel safer inside this case, but look bigger... It's your choice.... You can have slim cover but seems like not very protective.... save your screen and the back part.......

If you worry about the material...It's HALAL ya...cow leather :)
Open the flip before inserting the USB cable to charge...put something behind it to have 45 degree view angle :)
L shape to stand the phone to view movie in landscape mode.
 Take a ICS lock screen... :)

You may purchase Melkco Leather case here

From amount RM148.32 MYR
To amount $46.00 USD > I select shipping with tracking (Not required!)
Exchange rate: 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 0.310140 U.S. Dollars

Pro for Flip Down
  • The cover will be used as the phone stand in landscape mode for video watching
  • The cover will be used as phone holder when taking photo in landscape mode
  • Reduced accidentally pressing volume or power button when open and close the cover
 Cons for Flip Down  
  • A bit difficult to take note as the cover will be located in front of you
  • While charging, you can't really open the cover fully since the USB power with cable at the bottom will block it.

  • I'm using better delivery package notification. But I think, you don't need the USD6 additional for package tracking... 
  • I think flip like a book style is better for bigger screen (my opinion after using it)


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    nice case

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