Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to install N7000XXKL7

N7000XXKL7_N7000OXAKL7_DBT (German)

Phone: N7000XXKL7
Build INFO: MON DEC 19 23:26:57 KST 2011

Download N7000XXKL7 here

Install Stock N7000XXKL7
  1. Download ODIN to your PC. 
  2. Extract tar file from the ROM. "N7000XXKL7_N7000OXAKL7_N7000XXKL7_HOME.tar.md5"
  3. Put the phone into download mode (vol. down+home+power buttons)
  4. Start ODIN, connect the phone via USB. Choose continue on the phone
  5. Make sure to check in ODIN- Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time. DO NOT checked Re-Partition
  6. Click PDA button in ODIN and select tar file you extracted before.
  7. Click START button.
  8. DONE. Sit back and relax.

  • Your Root, busybox and CWM will be removed!
  • Your apps and data maintain
  • Kernel upgraded
  • Battery % removed. Need to cook again :)

Whats New
  • Wake up significant faster than previous firmware

One hand operation option under keyboard
The word "Swipe screen to unlock" appear on lock screen

New Phone Icon

Torch widget

Levels of brightness control for browser

Samsung keyboard has over qwerty the numeric 1-0

Photo editor now has the last 4 pots taken captured as preview to pick like a clipboard when you launch it
Music Hub installed.
S Memo export to PDF
Video. Self Recording.

Currently CF-Root ZIP file provided provided here fail to ROOT+CWM XXKL7

If you deeply need ROOT+CWM. You should wait.


  1. Kalau buat ni ada masalah dgn warranty tak

  2. this is stock...german version...

    warranty kalau flash via odin...mmg koyak..tapi samsung service center dia tak kisah punyo kalau software aje.

  3. Anonymous6:31 PM


    saya dah upgrade dari kk1 ke kl7 ikut method awak...tapi root saya ilang....ada masalah ke kalau saya downgrade ke kk1 dgn method yg sama?

  4. salam

    this method will removed your root+cwm. but you will have all the features
    this method will upgrade your kernel but you did not get all the features. your choice :)

  5. salam...

    saya dah upgrade ke kl7 tapi malay language tiada.
    macamana nak install balik malay language ni

  6. KL7 is germany far I don't use other language..I'm just looking for english...

    anyway, we should look for language pack...but I never try before.

  7. Two other new features:

    Selfshoot with video recorder
    automatic scrolling in accuweather-app for more then one city!



  8. hmm.. bro.. salam..nak tanya.. kalau kita nak flash to original stock.. kena buat macam nih gak ke ?? and root n cwm akan ada balik ke ??if kita dah already flash by this firmware.. maksud sy firmware N7000XXKL7 ?

  9. dah flash stock root+cwm hilang.

    kalau nak maintain, flash via mobileodin cf-rrot XXKL7... XXKL8 dah keluar dan root+cwm sekali...

  10. Anonymous1:14 PM

    mcm mana aku nak install malay language ?

  11. Install firmware malaysia or indonesia :)

  12. it works in samsung galaxy s I9003????

    1. WARNING! This blog most of it for Galaxy Note N7000 only!

    2. ada x file asins asing untuk PDA CSC and yang lain nya untuk note ni