Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rocket ROM v12 XXKL7 Android 2.3.6

Successfully flash Rocket ROM v12.

  • Bootloop! Don't panic. Power off you phone and enter recovery mode.
  • Factory Reset! Too bad. I'm one of the guy who need to factory reset. I'm coming from KL3+CF-Root+CWM
  • Reboot your phone again.
  • If bootloop again. Just clean cache, dalvik and factory reset again
  • Reboot your phone again
  • Should be able to boot normally. Please wait and be patience :)
This is what you will get.

Four thousand plus quadrant....
 Rocket v12 with FM 1.5
This is system info inside quadrant

Load abyssnote after problem in FM 1.5.
  • Battery not charging when deep sleep. 
  • Battery getting hot after using camera and taking video frequenty
  • Camera freeze when using it too frequently
  • Maps application missing.Can't event see it inside the Old Market.

Abyss system info in quadrant. Look at the OS version. It's different.

Take a break....Happy New Year! Photo taken @Avilion Cove, Port Dickson Malaysia using Galaxy Note :)


  1. about Arabic language ?

  2. Just google for the arabic patch bro..
    Anyway, why dont you go to deodex lc1. There is arabic patch for that

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