Tuesday, December 11, 2012

XXLSA Battery

XXLSA battery life.... If you keep wondering whether XXLSA is good or bad.

No FC except Google+ Instant Upload setting.

Most of the apps removed. I'm not using it.

 Minimized you running apps

Removed system apps...sometime called Samsung BLOATWARE....

If you are worried that you might need it later. You may disable it.


  1. Bro JJ...

    What JB rom most stable and suitble for daily use for Galaxy Note?I means good in Battery life.No stuck at samsung logo if user remove battery.

    Have you try Ultimate Jelly Bean V5.1?Any review?

    What rom are you using right now?Please share.

    1. I have no problem with XXLSA eybee stock. All good and stable. Used it for more than 2 weeks and I like it.


      note: remove some samsung bloatware for better performance and battery life such as remove all the hubs.

  2. Tlg bgtau bloatware apa yg blh dbuang bro.dh 2mgu aku guna xxlsa .tp bateri tahan 8jam je..

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